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EDC Serial Number EDC0000288
Title Database of evidence for the impact of Offshore Wind Farms on Marine Ecosystem Services
Data Location
EDC Stored Dataset
Description This is an evidence base of available literature on the impacts of offshore wind farm (OWF) developments and the outcomes for marine ecosystem services. The evidence was collated through a systematic search of global primary literature (also known as peer-reviewed or published literature) and UK grey literature regarding the impacts of OWF developments (the scope for including global grey literature was unfeasible). Grey literature refers to multiple types of report or document, and is defined as: "information produced on all levels of government, academia, business and industry in electronic and print formats not controlled by commercial publishing" i.e. where publishing is not the primary activity of the producing body(ICGL, 1997). Data was extracted from each evidence source, for each subject or marine ecosystem component that was impacted by the OWF development, the phase of development, the specific pressure and other relevant information about the wind farm or location. Expert judgement was used to map each piece of evidence for impacts on the marine environment according to CICES (Common International Classification of Ecosystem Services) or MEA (Millenium Ecosystem Assessment) and other published classification systems for ecosystem services (Ryfield et al., 2019; Hooper et al., 2020).
Sector Commercial
Coverage Other
The dataset includes primary data on the impacts of offshore wind farms on the marine environment with a global scope. The dataset also includes grey literature references, from the UK and countries adjacent to UK waters.
Start: 01/01/2000
End: 31/12/2022
Usage Rights for this Data Open Access
This data may be freely used for any purpose
Data Type Time Series
Parameter Names Type of literature, Full reference, Title, Column Intervention - level 1, Column Population - level 1, Column Population - level 2, Column Population - level 3, Column Outcome - level 1, Column Outcome - level 2, Presence or mention of non-native or invasive species, Presence or mention of commercial species, Study design - level 1, Study design - level 2, Study year(s), Date of Publication, Structure ID-name, Structure type, Structure age (at time of study), Structure depth (in seabed), Geographical marine location - level 1, Geographical marine location - level 2, Country, Region , Subject, Pressure, Outcome, ES impact, ES group, Classification system used, Notes
Units Wind farms
Number of Records 1075
IEA Category Wind Energy
Creator of the Data Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Data made available by Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Format Various
Language English
Project UKERC Research outputs from the UK Energy Research Centre
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Other Information The dataset was created to provide a central evidence base of available primary and grey literature regarding the impacts of OWF developments (for construction, operational and decommissing phases) on ecosystem service outcomes in the marine environment. The primary literature represents a global semi-systematic search, while the grey literature is restricted to a semi-systematic search for reports and documents from the UK (that also include wind farms in adjacent waters). The database provides a comprehensive list of available literature on this topic, and it enables the assessment and comparison of the evidence for enviromental impacts and ecosystem service outcomes between primary and grey literature sources. This will be critical for marine policy makers when gathering evidence for future OWF developments and advances understanding of the impacts and trade-offs associated with OWF and ecosystem services. A tool (currently in development by Plymouth Marine Laboratory) will improve accessibility of the data for this purpose. This research was funded by the UKERC Phase 4 research programme.