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These are Related Datasets

Title Description Creator Dataset(s) Geographic Coverage Time Coverage
EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) data viewer The EU ETS data viewer provides access to emission trading data contained in the European Union Transaction Log (EUTL) which is the central transaction log. European Environment Agency EDC0000228 Europe
Start: 01/01/2005
End: 31/12/2020

International Aluminium Statistics Aluminium production statistics, including energy intensity and fuel and power consumption International Aluminium Institute EDC0000230 World
Start: 01/01/1973
End: 31/07/2021
Updated regularly

European Industrial Emissions Portal The Industrial Emissions Portal covers over 60,000 industrial sites from 65 economic activities across Europe. These activities cover a range of sectors including energy. European Environment Agency EDC0000231 Europe
Start: 01/01/2007
End: 31/12/2019
Updated annually

Embodied Carbon - The ICE Database Inventory of Carbon & Energy (ICE) database of embodied carbon data in main construction materials. Circular Ecology EDC0000236 World
Some data applicable to specific locations such as UK or Europe.
Start: 01/01/2019
End: 31/12/2019
Updated regularly

UK and world mineral statistics datasets from BGS One of the largest databases in the world on the production and trade of minerals, provided by the British Geological Survey (BGS). British Geological Survey EDC0000238 World
Start: 01/01/1910
End: 31/12/2019
Reports produced annually