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These are Related Datasets

Title Description Creator Dataset(s) Geographic Coverage Time Coverage
CAIT Climate Data Explorer CAIT, climate data explorer, provides free access to climate related data and visualization tools. Note that CAIT has begun migrating features to Climate Watch, a new online climate data platform at and some CAIT data and tools will no longer be updated. World Resources Institute (WRI) EDC0000062 World
Start: 01/01/1990
End: 31/12/2021

CEDA Archive The CEDA Archive forms part of NERC's Environmental Data Service (EDS) and is responsible for looking after data from atmospheric and earth observation research. It hosts over 18 Petabytes of data from climate models, satellites, aircraft, met observations, and other sources. Various sources EDC0000100 World
Start: 01/01/1985
End: 31/12/2049
Frequent additions of new datasets

Met Office Hadley Centre observations datasets Researchers at the Met Office Hadley Centre produce and maintain a range of gridded datasets of meteorological variables for use in climate monitoring and climate research. This site provides access to these datasets or, in some cases, links to other places from where where they can be obtained. Each data set is provided under specific licence terms please check the terms and conditions for each data set before you use it. Met Office Hadley Centre EDC0000124 World
Start: 01/01/1659
End: 31/12/2049
Datasets added when available

Climate Watch Climate Watch provides open climate data, visualizations and resources on national and global progress on climate change. This free platform enables users to create and share custom data visualizations and comparisons of national climate commitments. Climate Watch EDC0000242 World
Start: 01/01/1850
End: 31/12/2019