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Title Description Creator Dataset(s) Geographic Coverage Time Coverage
UK Household and Population Historic and projected UK household and population numbers in thousands DEFRA Market Transformation Programme EDC0000047 United Kingdom
Start: 01/01/1970
End: 31/12/2020

UK Data Service The UK Data Service provides a single point of access to a wide range of social science secondary data, including international macrodata, and UK Census data. along with supporting documentation, guides and specialist support. The Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) is now part of the UK Data Service, along with the former Secure Data Service, Survey Question Bank and elements of the ESRC Census Programme. Various sources EDC0000056 World
Mainly UK but some World data - in particular from Europe
Start: 01/01/2000
End: 31/12/2049

Office for National Statistics (ONS) ONS main responsibilities are collecting, analysing and disseminating statistics about the UKs economy, society and population. This resource contains a large number of detailed datasets covering subjects such as
  • The UKs national accounts (such as GDP, national income and expenditure)
  • the UK balance of payments
  • population, demography and migration statistics
  • government output and activity
  • business output and activity
  • prices statistics (such as consumer prices and producer prices)
  • the labour market (such as employment, unemployment and earnings)
  • vital events statistics (such as births, marriages and deaths)
  • social statistics (for example, about neighbourhoods and families)
  • economic, societal and personal well-being
Office for National Statistics EDC0000121 United Kingdom
Start: 01/01/1971
End: 31/12/2049
Frequent updates

Census Support The population censuses are a vital resource for social scientific research and policy development, providing a snapshot of demographic and social life in the UK. They are collected by three census agencies. Census support gives access to:
  • 2011 Census - aggregate data, boundary data, flow data and microdata
  • 2001 Census - aggregate data, boundary data, flow data andmicrodata
  • 1991 Census - aggregate data, boundary data, flow data and microdata
  • 1981 Census - aggregate data, boundary data and flow data
  • 1971 Census - aggregate data, boundary data
Three Census Agencies EDC0000123 United Kingdom
Start: 01/01/1971
End: 31/12/2011
The Census is done every ten years.

Domestic Heating Data from the Energy Systems Catapult Living Lab The Domestic Heating Data from the Energy Systems Catapult Living Lab covers approximately 100 domestic properties and includes data collected directly from sensors in each room: room temperature, room humidity, gas usage, electricity usage, radiator temperatures, boiler temperatures and water temperatures (hot and cold). Also data on how participants use their heating system: the times they request heating, the target temperatures requests and the type of schedule changes made. Also included are local weather data, including forecasts and local observations. Energy Systems Catapult EDC0000268 United Kingdom
Start: 30/09/2017
End: 29/09/2018

Smarter homes: Experiences of living in low carbon homes 2013-2018 Interview transcripts from the Smarter Homes project which explored experiences of living in low carbon homes with a particular focus on the experience of living with micro-generation heating systems. Louise Reid EDC0000269 Europe
UK and Netherlands
Start: 01/10/2013
End: 30/09/2018

Welsh Housing Conditions Survey 2017-2018 The Welsh Housing Conditions Survey, 2017-2018 (WHCS) provides an estimate of the condition and energy efficiency/performance of the housing stock in Wales. The survey covered all types of housing and all tenures but not vacant properties. Welsh Government EDC0000271 Wales
Start: 01/08/2017
End: 30/04/2018

METER: UK Household Electricity and Activity Survey, 2016-2019 Measuring and Evaluating Time-use and Electricity-use Relationships (METER) data on UK household electricity use, activities and other contextual and demographic information. High-resolution household electricity readings with simultaneous activity records of household members. P. Grunewald, M. Diakonova. EDC0000272 United Kingdom
Start: 01/02/2016
End: 31/01/2019

UK Data Service Environment and Energy data sets UK Data Service (UKDS) data ranging from household energy use to global databanks on greenhouse gas emissions, conservation and the production and consumption of oil, gas and electricity worldwide. Various EDC0000274 World
Start: 01/01/1751
End: 31/12/2021