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Licenses and Access Rights

Ensuring the rights and terms and conditions for re-use is an important facet for an information discovery service. There are different types of content within the EDC and different licenses and access rights have been assigned to these by their creators and/or authors.

These licenses will inform you as to what you are allowed to do with the content and what acknowledgment you need to provide. This page gives an overview of the licensing provisions

Metadata within the Energy Data Centre

Metadata within the EDC uses the Open Government Licence (OGL). This allows for copying, publishing, distributing and transmiting the Information; adapting the Information; exploiting the Information commercially and non-commercially providing the EDC is attributed or the following sentence is used : Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

Most details from the projects metadata comes from UKRI's Gateway to Research service and so itself is licensed under the OGL.

Research Data

Some of our datasets use CC-BY and OGL licenses. Others have specialised licenses or terms and conditions, which are detailed below.

Carbon Trust Advanced Metering Trial (2004-2006)

Milton Keynes Energy Park Dwellings 1990

P114 half-hourly GB electricity grid data

SSEN New Thames Valley Vision (NTVV) Data

Tidal Energy Site Environmental Conditions Measured During the ReDAPT Tidal Project 2011-2014

UK Electricity Pool Demand and Price (1990-2001)

ETI datasets


Publications produced by the EDC team are issued under the CC-By licence. This allows for sharing, reuse and adaption providing the EDC is attributed. License details available from CC-BY

For publications which are not produced by the EDC team or ETI, then license information is currently not recorded within the EDC and you should check what is in the document

ETI publications


Images on the About overview pages have been sourced from Unsplash and the following creators: James McDonald, Javier Allegue Barros, Markus Winkler, Patrick Tomasso and Shane Rounce

Images used elsewhere are produced by the EDC, UKERC or UKRI

Last updated 13th February 2024