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UK MARKAL 2007 Electricity Generating Technologies


Technology variants, capital & O&M costs, efficiency, plant life-time characteristics for electricity generating plant as input to the UKERC Markal Energy Model (2007) sub-divided as CHP, Renewables, Nuclear, CO2 Pipeline & Storage, Gas-fired Plant, Coal, Electricity data for MARKAL The MARKAL_Electricity_cost_data_version_EDC_2007.xls spreadsheet contains cost information in the electricity generation sector drawn from a variety of sources. These references are listed in the worksheet entitled Sources.
The workbook is divided into labelled worksheets, according to different generic types of generating technology: CHP, Renewables, Nuclear, CO2 pipeline and storage, Gas-fired plant, Coal. Each worksheet contains the data as input to the MARKAL model, showing a range of aspects of different generation technologies. The full set of MARKAL data covering all technologies is included in worksheet 7, entitled 7 Electricity data for MARKAL.
In worksheets 1-6, beneath the MARKAL data, other data has been added from the sources reviewed to illustrate the range of data which the models assumptions could plausibly have covered. The data is provided in two forms. In the first worksheet for each technology, the data is included in the form in which it is presented in the original sources. Thus, the units and currencies are not always those of the MARKAL model. Notes have been inserted to indicate the currency or unit of measurement. The information has been provided in this way so as to maintain transparency. In the second worksheet for each technology (marked A - for Adjusted), the data has been adjusted to match the currencies and units used in MARKAL. The numbers which have been subject to adjustment have been highlighted in yellow. A separate sheet showing the conversion factors used has been included (Conversion).
The information from other sources covers only a subset of the information within MARKAL. The definitions of key terms (such as operational and maintenance cost), is rarely consistent from one source to the next. In two places therefore, new columns have been inserted to the original structure. Information on construction periods (in years) has been included adjacent to the existing column showing first year available. The lack of distinction in the sources between fixed and variable O&M costs has also resulted in the creation of a single O&M column so that information can still be included.
The workbook should be used in conjunction with the report: Derek Smith, Comparative Cost Information: Supporting the development of the MARKAL MACRO model of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), November 2006 which summarises the cost comparisons. These summaries include additional information to provide the context from which the data in this workbook have been drawn.


UKERC Energy Systems & Modelling Theme


UKERC Energy Systems & Modelling Theme


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UKERC Energy Systems & Modelling Theme (2000). UK MARKAL 2007 Electricity Generating Technologies [Data set]. UKERC Energy Systems & Modelling Theme. https://ukerc.rl.ac.uk/cgi-bin/dataDiscover.pl?Action=detail&dataid=ebf7ef0f-1133-4aba-9907-10c4257f103f

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01/01/2000 - 31/12/1950

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01/01/2000 - 31/12/1950

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Source; First year available; Construction period (years); Efficiency (%); Availability (%); Capital cost (/kW); O&M (fixed) (/kW); O&M (variable) (/GJ); O&M; Life (years); References


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