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Dr A J Bell, Advanced Manufacturing Res Centre Boeing,University of Sheffield
Professor AJ Bell, Institute of Materials Research,University of Leeds
Professor AR Bell, Oxford Physics,University of Oxford
Dr C Bell, Physics,University of Bristol
Mr D Bell, Burnertech Combustion Engineers Ltd
Dr GR Bell, Physics,University of Warwick
Mrs J Bell, Engineering,Swansea University
Prof KRW (Keith) Bell, Electronic and Electrical Engineering,University of Strathclyde
Professor M Bell, Centre for the Built Environment,Leeds Metropolitan University
Professor MC Bell, Civil Engineering and Geosciences,Newcastle University
Dr NL Bell, Chemistry,University of Glasgow
Dr PS Bell, Science and Technology,United Utilities PLC
Dr R Bell, Earth Science and Engineering,Imperial College London
Dr R Bell, Chemistry,University College London
Dr S Bell, Anthropolog,Durham University
Dr SJ Bell, Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering,University College London
Professor P (Paul) Bellaby, School of English, Sociology, Politics & Contemporary History,University of Salford
Dr S Belliethathan, UNLISTED,Horn of Africa Reg Environ Cent &Network
Mr R (Richard) Bellingham, Business School,University of Strathclyde
Mr R Bellingham, Economics,University of Strathclyde