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Prof A (Andrew) Brown, Leeds University Business School (LUBS),University of Leeds
Professor A (Anthony) Brown, Electrical & Electronic Engineering,University of Manchester
Dr AP (Andy) Brown, Institute of Materials Research,University of Leeds
Dr C Brown, Physics and Astronomy,University of St Andrews
Dr CM Brown, Computer Science,University of St Andrews
Dr D Brown, University of Sussex Business School,University of Sussex
Dr E Brown, Geography,Loughborough University
Professor G Brown, Computer Science,University of Manchester
Mr J (James) Brown, Cass Business School,City University
Mr JAG Brown, Progressive Energy Ltd
Dr JC Brown, Geography,University of Portsmouth
Dr JM (Jenny) Brown, National Oceanographic Centre, NERC
Dr K Brown, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences,Heriot-Watt University
Professor K Brown, Development Studies,University of East Anglia
Dr L Brown, Faculty of Engineering,University of Nottingham
Dr M Brown, Civil Engineering,University of Dundee
Dr M Brown, Electrical & Electronic Engineering,University of Manchester
Dr MA Brown, Computer Science,University of Bath
Professor NL Brown, College of Science and Engineering,University of Edinburgh
Dr P Brown, Sch of Environment & Life Sciences,University of Salford
Dr R Brown, Sch of Chemistry,University of Edinburgh
Professor RE Brown, Mechanical Engineering,University of Strathclyde
Dr S Brown, Chemical and Process Engineering,University of Sheffield
Professor SP Brown, Physics,University of Warwick
Mr T Brown, School of Engineering,London South Bank University
Mrs T J Brown, Minerals,British Geological Survey (BGS) - NERC
Professor ND Browning, Mech, Materials & Aerospace Engineerin,University of Liverpool
Professor P Browning, Physics and Astronomy,University of Manchester