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Professor D Bull, Electrical and Electronic Engineering,University of Bristol
Dr DJ Bull, Sch of Computing, Science & Engineering,University of Salford
Professor FCL (Fiona) Bull, School of Population Health,University of Western Australia
Professor L Bull, Computing Engineering and Maths Science,University of the West of England
Dr M Bull, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre,University of Edinburgh
Dr RJ Bull, Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development (IESD),De Montfort University
Professor S (Steve) Bull, School of Chemical Engineering & Advanced Materials,Newcastle University
Prof SD (Steve) Bull, Chemistry,University of Bath
Dr M Bullard, ADAS UK Ltd
Mr C Bullen, Sch of Life Sciences,Heriot-Watt University
Professor G Buller, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences,Heriot-Watt University
Mr A Bullin, Bowman Power Group Ltd
Dr S Bullock, Electronics and Computer Science,University of Southampton
Dr C Bullough, Alstom Power Ltd
Professor PA Bullough, Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology,University of Sheffield