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Dr A Davies, Biological and Environmental Sciences,University of Stirling
Dr A (Althea) Davies, School of Biological & Environmental Sciences,University of Stirling
Dr AC Davies, Business School,Imperial College London
Professor AG Davies, School of Ocean Sciences,Bangor University
Dr C Davies, Mathematics,Cardiff University
Dr CM Davies, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Imperial College London
Professor G Davies, Aeronautics,Imperial College London
Prof G (Gideon) Davies, Chemistry,University of York
Dr M Davies, Engineering,Swansea University
Dr M Davies, The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies,University College London
Professor N Davies, Computing,Lancaster University
Dr PA Davies, Sch of Engineering and Applied Science,Aston University
Professor PA Davies, Civil Engineering,University of Dundee
Professor PR Davies, Chemistry,Cardiff University
Professor R (Richard) Davies, Earth Sciences,Durham University
Dr R Davies, Chemistry,Imperial College London
Professor RM Davies, Warwick Business School,University of Warwick
Dr S (Sarah) Davies, Geology,University of Leicester
Professor SG Davies, Oxford Chemistry,University of Oxford
Professor SJ Davies, Geology,University of Leicester
Professor T Davies, Engineering Computer Science and Maths,University of Exeter