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Dr C (Chenyu) Du, Biosciences,University of Nottingham
Dr H Du, Mathematical Sciences,Durham University
Dr Z Du, Chemistry,University College London
Dr V Dua, Chemical Engineering,University College London
Dr Y Duan, Institute of Policy and Management,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr C Dubach, Sch of Informatics,University of Edinburgh
Dr W Dubbin, Earth Sciences,The Natural History Museum
Dr WE (William) Dubbin, Mineralogy,Natural History Museum
Dr B Dubey, Faculty of Arts Computing Eng and Sci,Sheffield Hallam University
Professor P Duck, Mathematics,University of Manchester
Dr S Dudarev, Culham Division,United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)
Dr SEM Dudley-McEvoy, Fac of Eng Science & Built Env,London South Bank University
Dr BD Dudson, Physics,University of York
Dr DM Duffy, Physics and Astronomy,University College London
Dr PM Duffy, Geography and Environment,University of Aberdeen
Professor M Duggal, Dentistry,University of Leeds
Professor D Dugwell, Chemical Engineering,Imperial College London
Dr NF Dummer, Chemistry,Cardiff University
Dr ADF Dunbar, Chemical and Process Engineering,University of Sheffield
Professor D Duncan, Sch of Mathematical and Computer Science,Heriot-Watt University
Professor S Duncan, Engineering Science,University of Oxford
Professor N Dunn, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts,Lancaster University
Dr RW Dunn, Electronic and Electrical Engineering,University of Bath
Dr S Dunn, Sch of Engineering,Newcastle University
Professor FPE (Fionn) Dunne, Materials,Imperial College London
Dr J Dunne, Engineering and Design,University of Sussex
Dr S Dunnett, Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering,Loughborough University
Dr NA Dunse, Sch of the Built Environment,Heriot-Watt University
Dr IDJ Dupere, Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering,University of Manchester
Professor J Dupont, Chemistry,University of Nottingham
Dr V Dupont, Energy Resources Research Unit,University of Leeds
Professor P Dupree, Biochemistry,University of Cambridge
Prof P (Paul) Dupree, Biochemistry,University of Cambridge
Dr T Duren, Materials and Processes,University of Edinburgh
Dr K (Ken) Durose, Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy,University of Liverpool
Dr ZAK Durrani, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Imperial College London
Professor J Durrant, Chemistry,Imperial College London
Professor J Durrant, Engineering,Swansea University
Dr J. H. Durrell, Materials Science & Metallurgy,University of Cambridge
Professor S (Sevket) Durucan, Earth Science and Engineering,Imperial College London
Professor V Dutta, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Dr AG Dutton, Engineering and Instrumentation,STFC (Science & Technology Facilities Council)
Dr SE Dutton, Physics,University of Cambridge
Dr M S Duyar, Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering,University of Surrey