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Dr A D Evans, Bartlett Sch of Env, Energy & Resources,University College London
Mr A J E (Alan) Evans, Science and Technology Facilities Council
Professor B Evans, Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR),University of Surrey
Professor BE Evans, Civil Engineering,University of Leeds
Dr D Evans, Energy Science,British Geological Survey (BGS) - NERC
Dr DJ (David) Evans, Energy,British Geological Survey (BGS) - NERC
Professor G (Graeme) Evans, Sch of Engineering and Design,Brunel University
Dr IR Evans, Chemistry,Durham University
Ms J (Judith) Evans, Fac of Eng Science & Built Env,London South Bank University
Professor J Evans, Environment, Education and Developmen,University of Manchester
Ms J (Joanne) Evans, Surrey Business School,University of Surrey
Professor JRG (Julian) Evans, Chemistry,University College London
Professor JSO Evans, Chemistry,Durham University
Dr L Evans, Engineering,Swansea University
Dr M Evans, Engineering,Swansea University
Dr N H Evans, Chemistry,Lancaster University
Dr NDM Evans, Chemistry,Loughborough University
Dr PL Evans, Faculty of Engineering,University of Nottingham
Professor R Evans, Engineering,Swansea University
Dr R C Evans, Materials Science & Metallurgy,University of Cambridge
Professor RG (Roger) Evans, Department of Physics (the Blackett Laboratory),Imperial College London
Professor S Evans, Engineering,Cardiff University
Professor S (Steve) Evans, Engineering,University of Cambridge
Prof S (Stephen) Evans, Physics and Astronomy,University of Leeds
Mr SP Evans, Cranfield University
Dr SP Evans, Royal Holloway, University of London
Professor (Bob) Evans, School of the Built & Natural Environment,Northumbria University
Professor J (Jan) Evans-Freeman, University of Canterbury, New Zealand