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Dr G He, Chemical Engineering,University College London
Dr G He, School of Chemistry,University of Lincoln
Dr J (Jianhua) He, Sch of Engineering and Applied Science,Aston University
Professor L He, Engineering Science,University of Oxford
Dr S (Shuisheng) He, Mechanical Engineering,University of Sheffield
Dr W He, University of Strathclyde
Dr W He, School of Engineering,University of Warwick
Prof I (Ian) Head, Civil Engineering and Geosciences,Newcastle University
Mr A (Adrian) Heafford, IHS Energy
Dr J (John) Healey, School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography,Bangor University
Dr J Healey, Computer Science and Mathematics,Keele University
Professor JR Healey, School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography,Bangor University
Dr D Healy, School of Geosciences,University of Aberdeen
Dr N Healy, Sch of Engineering,Newcastle University
Dr J (John) Heap, Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation,Imperial College London
Professor DE Heard, Sch of Chemistry,University of Leeds
Dr PJ Heard, Interface Analysis Centre,University of Bristol
Professor G Hearn, School of Engineering Sciences,University of Southampton
Dr A Heath, Architecture and Civil Engineering,University of Bath
Professor M Heath, Mathematics,University of Strathclyde
Dr SL Heath, Chemistry,University of Manchester
Dr T Heath, Electrical & Electronic Engineering,University of Manchester
Dr WP Heath, Electrical & Electronic Engineering,University of Manchester
Professor A Heathwaite, Vice-Chancellor's Office,Lancaster University
Dr S (Sonia) Heaven, Faculty of Engineering and the Environment,University of Southampton
Dr L Hecht, Chemistry,University of Glasgow
Professor AL Hector, School of Chemistry,University of Southampton
Dr S (Stephan) Heeb, School of Life Sciences,University of Nottingham
Dr MJ Heeney, Chemistry,Imperial College London
Dr RJ Heffron, Law,University of Stirling
Dr M Hegarty, IBERS,Aberystwyth University
Professor M I Heggie, Chemistry,University of Surrey
Professor P Heggs, Computational Fluid Dynamics,University of Leeds
Professor H Heidari, Aerospace Engineering,University of Glasgow
Dr E Heidrich, Sch of Engineering,Newcastle University
Professor M Heikal, Sch of Engineering,University of Brighton
Dr J Hein, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre,University of Edinburgh
Dr E Heinen, Institute for Transport Studies,University of Leeds
Dr G Held, Chemistry,University of Reading
Dr FA (Frank) Heller, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
Dr K Hellgardt, Chemical Engineering,Imperial College London
Dr PR Hellier, Mechanical Engineering,University College London
Dr RC Helliwell, Enviromental & Biochemical Sciences,The James Hutton Institute
Prof D (Dieter) Helm, Institute for Fiscal Studies
Dr H Hemida, Civil Engineering,University of Birmingham
Dr T (Tim) Hender, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy,EURATOM/CCFE
Professor C (Chris) Hendry, Cass Business School,City University
Professor C Hendry, Faculty of Management,City University
Professor E Hendry, Physics and Astronomy,University of Exeter
Professor JY Heng, Chemical Engineering,Imperial College London
Professor M Henini, Physics and Astronomy,University of Nottingham
Dr D A Henk, Biology and Biochemistry,University of Bath
Professor I D Henning, Computing and Electronic Systems,University of Essex
Dr BM Henry, University of Oxford
Dr L Henry, Sch of Life Sciences,Heriot-Watt University
Professor K Henwood, Sch of Social Sciences,Cardiff University
Prof K (Karen) Henwood, Social Sciences,Cardiff University
Dr C Hepburn, Grantham Research Inst on Climate Change,London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Dr CJ Hepburn, Environmental Change Institute,University of Oxford
Dr DM Hepburn, Engineering Science and Design,Glasgow Caledonian University
Dr SP Hepplestone, Physics and Astronomy,University of Exeter
Dr A W Herbert, Sch of Geography, Earth & Env Sciences,University of Birmingham
Dr A Hermann, Sch of Physics,University of Edinburgh
Dr C (Christian) Hermanrud, Statoil ASA, Norway
Dr CAHA Hernandez Aramburo, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Imperial College London
Dr J M Herreros, School of Mechanical Engineering,University of Birmingham
Professor CS Herrington, Sch of Medicine,University of St Andrews
Dr G Herrmann, Mechanical Engineering,University of Bristol
Dr LM Herz, Oxford Physics,University of Oxford
Dr NF Herzig, Sch of Engineering and Informatics,University of Sussex
Dr M Herzog, Geography,University of Cambridge
Professor T Hesjedal, Oxford Physics,University of Oxford
Dr C Hess, Chemistry,Durham University
Professor O Hess, Department of Physics (the Blackett Laboratory),Imperial College London
Dr S Hess, Institute for Transport Studies,University of Leeds
Mr GJ Hesselmann, Technology Centre,Babcock International Group plc
Dr S Heutz, Materials,Imperial College London
Professor D Hewak, Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC),University of Southampton
Dr B N Hewakandamby, Faculty of Engineering,University of Nottingham
Professor GF Hewitt, Chemical Engineering,Imperial College London
Professor NJ Hewitt, School of the Built Environment,University of Ulster
Dr D Hewlett, Humanities and Social Sciences,University of Winchester
Professor BG Heydecker, Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering,University College London
Dr A L Heyes, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Imperial College London
Dr SJJ Heymans, Scottish Association For Marine Science
Dr T Heys, Resrch & Innov. in Art & Design(MIRIAD),Manchester Metropolitan University