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Prof AE (Arthur) Hill, Sch of Computing, Science & Engineering,University of Salford
Dr EW Hill, Computer Science,University of Manchester
Dr J (Jon) Hill, Department of Earth Science and Engineering,Imperial College London
Professor JK Hill, Biology,University of York
Dr JL Hill, Sch of Engineering and Applied Science,Aston University
Dr M Hill, School of Engineering Sciences,University of Southampton
Professor MR (Malcolm) Hill, School of Business and Economics,Loughborough University
Dr MS Hill, Chemistry,University of Bath
Dr P Hill, University of Leeds
Dr PA Hill, Physics,University of York
Professor R Hill, Physics,Northumbria University
Prof S (Sandra) Hill, Biosciences,University of Nottingham
Dr S Hillcoat-Nalletamby, College of Human and Health Sciences,Swansea University
Professor R Hillier, Aeronautics,Imperial College London
Professor W Hillier, The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies,University College London
Dr AJ Hillis, Mechanical Engineering,University of Bath
Dr S Hillmansen, Electronic, Electrical and Computer Eng,University of Birmingham
Professor D Hills, Engineering Science,University of Oxford