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Dr A S P Hunt, Economics and International Development,University of Bath
Mr D Hunt, University of Birmingham
Mr DV Hunt, University of Birmingham
Professor G Hunt, Mechanical Engineering,University of Bath
Professor G Hunt, Engineering,University of Cambridge
Professor I Hunt, Engineering and the Built Environment,Edinburgh Napier University
Professor L Hunt, Economics,University of Surrey
Mr LC Hunt, Swansea University
Dr MRC Hunt, Physics,Durham University
Mr S (Steven) Hunt, Practical Action
Mr S Hunt, UNLISTED,Practical Action
Mr S Hunt, Society of British Gas Industries
Lord J Hunt of Chesterton, Physics and Astronomy,University College London
Dr H M A (Hazel) Hunter, Science and Technology Facilities Council
Professor N Hunter, Molecular Biology and Biotechnolog,University of Sheffield
Dr P D Hunter, Biological and Environmental Sciences,University of Stirling
Dr T Hunter, Inst of Particle Science & Engineering,University of Leeds
Professor JM Huntley, Sch of Mechanical and Manufacturing Eng,Loughborough University