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Professor C Liu, Wolfson Sch of Mech, Elec & Manufac En,Loughborough University
Dr C Liu, Sch of Engineering and Electronics,University of Edinburgh
Dr D D Liu, Materials,University of Oxford
Dr E (Enru) Liu, Geophysics, Marine Geology and Remote Sensing,British Geological Survey (BGS) - NERC
Professor H Liu, Electronic and Electrical Engineering,University College London
Dr H Liu, Architecture and Built Environment,University of Nottingham
Professor L Liu, Biochemistry & Systems Biology,University of Liverpool
Dr L Liu, Centre for Environment & Sustainabilit,University of Surrey
Professor P Liu, Sch of Engineering,Newcastle University
Dr Q Liu, Biocomposites Centre,Bangor University
Dr Q Liu, Electrical & Electronic Engineering,University of Manchester
Dr S Liu, Engineering and Computing,Coventry University
Professor S (Shi) Liu, North China Electric Power University, China
Dr T Liu, Engineering and Materials Science,Queen Mary, University of London
Dr TX Liu, Fac of Engineering and Environment,Northumbria University
Professor W Liu, Electronic Engineering,Royal Holloway, University of London
Prof X (Xiongwei) Liu, Computing Engineering and Physical Sci,University of Central Lancashire
Dr XP Liu, School of Engineering,University of Warwick
Dr Y Liu, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science,Queen Mary, University of London
Dr Y Liu, Engineering Computer Science and Maths,University of Exeter
Dr Y Liu, Sch of Engineering,University of Southampton
Dr Z Liu, Materials,University of Manchester