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Dr C Lu, Computer Science,Aberystwyth University
Dr G Lu, Electronics,University of Kent
Professor N (Na) Lu, Dalian University of Technology, China
Professor N (Na) Lu, UK Energy Research Centre
Dr S (Shu-Ling) Lu, Construction Management and Engineering,University of Reading
Dr X Lu, Engineering and Materials Science,Queen Mary, University of London
Dr Y Lu, Aerospace Engineering,University of Glasgow
Professor CA Lucas, Physics,University of Liverpool
Dr D Lucas, Faculty of Natural Science,Keele University
Professor G Lucas, Sch of Computing and Engineering,University of Huddersfield
Dr K Lucas, Institute for Transport Studies,University of Leeds
Dr F Lucivero, Population Health,University of Oxford
Professor PF Luckham, Chemical Engineering,Imperial College London
Professor R Luckin, London Knowledge Lab,Institute of Education
Professor (Bill) Luckin, University of Bolton
Dr MS Lucquiaud, Sch of Engineering and Electronics,University of Edinburgh
Mr D Ludlow, Computing Engineering and Maths Science,University of the West of England
Dr L Lue, Chemical and Process Engineering,University of Strathclyde
Dr M Lueders, CSE/Computational Chemistry Group,STFC (Science & Technology Facilities Council)
Professor M Lujan, Computer Science,University of Manchester
Dr PC Luk, School of Engineering,Cranfield University
Professor W Luk, Computing,Imperial College London
Mr P (Philipp) Lukas, TMO Biotec Ltd
Dr S Lukaschuk, Engineering,University of Hull
Dr DB Lukyanov, Chemical Engineering,University of Bath
Dr K Lulla Ramrakhiyani, National Graphene Institute (NGI),University of Manchester
Mr D Lumbroso, Water Management,H R Wallingford Ltd
Dr GR Lumpkin, Earth Sciences,University of Cambridge
Prof RJ (Rebecca) Lunn, Civil Engineering,University of Strathclyde
Dr AJG Lunt, Mechanical Engineering,University of Bath
Dr D (Dan) Lunt, Geographical Sciences,University of Bristol
Dr DJ Lunt, Geographical Sciences,University of Bristol
Professor K Luo, School of Engineering Sciences,University of Southampton
Dr X (Xichun) Luo, Centre for Precision Technologies (CPT),University of Huddersfield
Dr RC Lupton, Mechanical Engineering,University of Bath
Professor EC Lupu, Computing,Imperial College London
Mr P Lusty, Minerals,British Geological Survey (BGS) - NERC
Ms SK Luther, Earth Science and Engineering,Imperial College London