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Dr A Martin, Computing Laboratory,University of Oxford
Professor AD Martin, Engineering,Lancaster University
Dr C Martin, Edinburgh College of Art,University of Edinburgh
Professor CM Martin, Engineering Science,University of Oxford
Dr D Martin, Sociology,University of York
Professor LM (Lynn) Martin, Business School,Manchester Metropolitan University
Professor P Martin, Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science,University of Manchester
Dr PG Martin, Physics,University of Bristol
Dr PJ Martin, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,Queen's University Belfast
Dr R Martin, Business School,Imperial College London
Dr R (Ralf) Martin, Centre for Economic Performance,London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Dr RW Martin, Physics,University of Strathclyde
Dr TL Martin, Physics,University of Bristol
Dr I Martin-Fabiani, Inst of Polymer Tech and Materials Eng,Loughborough University
Dr EA Martinez Cesena, Electrical & Electronic Engineering,University of Manchester
Dr M Martinez Fernandez, Institute of Renewable Energy,National Autonomous University of Mexico
Dr E Martinez Hernandez, UNLISTED,Brathadair Limited
Dr R (Ricardo) Martinez-Botas, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Imperial College London
Dr E Martinez-Paneda, Civil and Environmental Eng,Imperial College London