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Dr B Pal, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Imperial College London
Dr R Palacin, Sch of Engineering,Newcastle University
Dr R Palacios Nieto, Aeronautics,Imperial College London
Dr R G Palgrave, Chemistry,University College London
Dr V Palitsin, Electronic Engineering,University of Surrey
Dr H W Pallett, Environmental Sciences,University of East Anglia
Dr M Palma, Biological and Chemical Sciences,Queen Mary, University of London
Dr MR Palmer, Science and Technology,United Utilities PLC
Dr P Palmer, Engineering,University of Cambridge
Dr P (Paul) Palmer, School of Geosciences,University of Edinburgh
Professor RE Palmer, Engineering,Swansea University
Dr E Palmiere, Engineering Materials,University of Sheffield
Dr A Paluszny Rodriguez, Earth Science and Engineering,Imperial College London