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Dr C Roberts, Electronic, Electrical and Computer Eng,University of Birmingham
Dr CA Roberts, Engineering and Computing,Coventry University
Dr E (Edward) Roberts, Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science,University of Manchester
Professor G O Roberts, Statistics,University of Warwick
Dr I (Ian) Roberts, Institute of Food Research
Dr J Roberts, Materials,University of Manchester
Professor J Roberts, Office of the Vice-Chancello,University of Plymouth
Professor J Roberts, Economics,University of Sheffield
Dr J Roberts, Civil Engineering,University of Strathclyde
Professor JM Roberts, Sch of Life Sciences,Heriot-Watt University
Dr JW (John) Roberts, Dalton Nuclear Institute,University of Manchester
Professor K Roberts, Inst of Particle Science & Engineering,University of Leeds
Professor L Roberts, Sch of Molecular & Cellular Biolog,University of Leeds
Dr SG Roberts, Materials,University of Oxford
Professor T Roberts, Engineering,Chemical and Petroleum,University of Calgary, Canada
Dr AW Robertson, Physics,University of Warwick
Professor I Robertson, Electronic and Electrical Engineering,University of Leeds
Dr K Robertson, Faculty of Engineering,University of Nottingham
Dr N Robertson, Sch of Chemistry,University of Edinburgh
Professor PKJ Robertson, Env Eng and Sustainable Energy,Robert Gordon University
Dr S Robertson, Pure and Applied Chemistry,University of Strathclyde
Dr T Robertson, Biological and Environmental Sciences,University of Stirling