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Prof A (Andrew) Scott, Department of Earth Sciences,Royal Holloway, University of London
Dr A Scott, Institute of Materials Research,University of Leeds
Dr BE Scott, Inst of Biological and Environmental Sci,University of Aberdeen
Dr CJ Scott, Meteorology,University of Reading
Dr J Scott, Business School,Aston University
Professor J Scott, Law,University College London
Dr J L Scott, Chemistry,University of Bath
Professor JA Scott, Mathematics and Statistics,University of Reading
Professor JF Scott, Earth Sciences,University of Cambridge
Professor K Scott, School of Chemical Engineering & Advanced Materials,Newcastle University
Professor M Scott, Mathematics,University of Glasgow
Professor MG Scott, University of Stirling
Ms R Scott, Architecture, Building and Civil Eng,Loughborough University
Dr R Scott, Advanced Manufacturing Res Centre Boeing,University of Sheffield
Dr RHH Scott, Central Laser Facility (CLF),STFC (Science & Technology Facilities Council)
Professor RJ Scott, Biology and Biochemistry,University of Bath
Dr SA Scott, Engineering,University of Cambridge
Dr TB Scott, Interface Analysis Centre,University of Bristol
Dr (Peter) Scott, Portsmouth Business School,University of Portsmouth
Professor T Scott-Smith, International Development,University of Oxford