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Dr A Smith, Civil and Building Engineering,Loughborough University
Professor AC Smith, Electrical & Electronic Engineering,University of Manchester
Dr AD Smith, Chemistry,University of St Andrews
Prof AG (Alison) Smith, Plant Sciences,University of Cambridge
Dr AG Smith, Physics and Astronomy,University of Manchester
Dr AP (Adrian) Smith, Science Policy Research Unit,University of Sussex
Professor ASJ Smith, Institute for Transport Studies,University of Leeds
Mr AZP Smith, Bartlett Sch of Env, Energy & Resources,University College London
Mr B (Brian) Smith, Babcock International Group plc
Dr C Smith, Pathology,University of Cambridge
Professor C Smith, Aerospace Engineering,University of Glasgow
Dr C Smith, Chemistry,University of Reading
Dr CL (Claire) Smith, Geography,University of Leicester
Professor D Smith, Mechanical Engineering,University of Bristol
Dr DA Smith, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis,University College London
Professor DJ Smith, Business School,Nottingham Trent University
Dr DJ Smith, Sch of Geog, Geol & the Environmen,University of Leicester
Dr DR Smith, Sch of Engineering and Design,Brunel University
Professor FT Smith, Mathematics,University College London
Professor G Smith, Materials,University of Oxford
Professor G (Graham) Smith, School of Social Sciences,University of Southampton
Dr G Smith, School of Engineering,University of Warwick
Professor G Smith, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanitie,University of Westminster
Dr GH (George) Smith, Camborne School of Mines,University of Exeter
Professor H Smith, Sch of Aerospace, Transport & Manufac,Cranfield University
Dr I S Smith, Computing Engineering and Maths Science,University of the West of England
Professor IR Smith, Electronic and Electrical Engineering,Loughborough University
Professor J Smith, Inst of Biological and Environmental Sci,University of Aberdeen
Professor J Smith, Sch of Earth & Environmental Sciences,University of Portsmouth
Mr J Smith, Research & Innovation Division,University of Salford
Professor J Smith, Statistics,University of Warwick
Dr JM Smith, Materials,University of Oxford
Dr JS Smith, Electrical Engineering and Electronics,University of Liverpool
Dr LA Smith, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre,University of Edinburgh
Professor LED Smith, Ctr for Development Environment & Policy,School of Oriental & African Studies
Mr LS Smith, Sch of Engineering,Newcastle University
Dr LS Smith, Sch of Engineering,Newcastle University
Dr M Smith, BGS Global,British Geological Survey (BGS) - NERC
Dr M (Martin) Smith, Geology and Landscape Scotland,British Geological Survey (BGS) - NERC
Professor M Smith, University of York
Professor M C Smith, Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering,University of Manchester
Dr M D Smith, Physics,University of Bristol
Professor MC Smith, Engineering,University of Cambridge
Professor ME (Mark) Smith, Vice-Chancellor's Office,Lancaster University
Prof MH (Michael) Smith, School of Earth and Environment,University of Leeds
Dr MJ Smith, Chemistry,University of St Andrews
Professor N Smith, Chadwick House,
Professor N Smith, Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering,University of Manchester
Professor NJ Smith, Civil Engineering,University of Leeds
Professor P Smith, Earth Science and Engineering,Imperial College London
Professor P Smith, Inst of Biological and Environmental Sci,University of Aberdeen
Professor P (Peter) Smith, School of Biological Sciences,University of Aberdeen
Professor P Smith, School of Medicine,University of Aberdeen
Professor PGR Smith, Optoelectronics Research Centre,University of Southampton
Professor R Smith, Department of Physics (the Blackett Laboratory),Imperial College London
Professor R Smith, Mathematical Sciences,Loughborough University
Dr R Smith, College of Business, Technology & Eng,Sheffield Hallam University
Professor R Smith, Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science,University of Manchester
Dr R Smith, Chemical and Process Engineering,University of Sheffield
Dr R A Smith, Mechanical Engineering,University of Bristol
Professor RA Smith, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Imperial College London
Dr RJ (Richard) Smith, Electrical Systems and Optics,University of Nottingham
Prof S (Susan) Smith, Geography,Durham University
Professor S (Stephen) Smith, Institute for Fiscal Studies
Dr S T Smith, Built Enviroment,University of Reading
Dr T Smith, UCL Energy Institute,University College London
Dr TJ Smith, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing,Sheffield Hallam University
Professor W (Bill) Smith, CSE/Computational Chemistry Group,STFC (Science & Technology Facilities Council)
Miss E Smithson, Engineering and Computing,Coventry University