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Dr L Su, Engineering and Materials Science,Queen Mary, University of London
Dr M Su, Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering,University of Manchester
Dr Y Su, Faculty of Engineering,University of Nottingham
Dr B Suddell, Biocomposites Centre,Bangor University
Dr B Suddell, Engineering,Swansea University
Dr W Suder, Sch of Aerospace, Transport & Manufac,Cranfield University
Mr J Sullivan, International Security Studies,Royal United Services Institute
Dr JH Sullivan, Engineering,Swansea University
Dr M Sumislawska, Engineering and Computing,Coventry University
Dr A J Summerfield, The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies,University College London
Dr DK Summers, Genetics,University of Cambridge
Professor HP Summers, Physics,University of Strathclyde
Dr E Sumner, School of Ocean and Earth Science,University of Southampton
Dr J Sumner, School of Water, Energy and Environmen,Cranfield University
Dr M Sumner, Electrical and Electronic Engineering,University of Nottingham
Dr C Sun, Chemical and Environmental Engineering,University of Nottingham
Dr H Sun, Engineering,Durham University
Dr T Sun, City University
Dr T Sun, Sch of Engineering and Mathematical Sci,City University
Dr W Sun, Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering,University of Nottingham
Professor Y (Yifei) Sun, Beijing University, China
Dr Y Sun, Sch of Aerospace, Transport & Manufac,Cranfield University
Dr S Sundaram, Engineering Computer Science and Maths,University of Exeter
Dr K Surana, Maryland School of Public Policy,University of Maryland
Professor AJ Surrey, University of Sussex
Dr PV Sushko, London Centre for Nanotechnology,University College London
Dr CJ Sutcliffe, Centre for Materials and Structures,University of Liverpool
Dr M Sutcliffe, Engineering,University of Cambridge
Professor HE Sutherland, Inst for Social and Economic Research,University of Essex
Professor AP Sutton, Department of Physics (the Blackett Laboratory),Imperial College London
Dr C Sutton, Sch of Informatics,University of Edinburgh
Dr R (Rowan) Sutton, Meteorology,University of Reading
Professor RT Sutton, Meteorology,University of Reading