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Dr AC Taylor, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Imperial College London
Dr AG Taylor, Chemistry,Imperial College London
Professor AMKP Taylor, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Imperial College London
Professor CA Taylor, Civil Engineering,University of Bristol
Dr CJ Taylor, Engineering,Lancaster University
Professor CJ Taylor, Computer Science,University of Manchester
Dr G Taylor, Electronic & Computer Engineering,Brunel University
Professor G (Gail) Taylor, School of Biological Sciences,University of Southampton
Professor J Taylor, Electronic and Electrical Engineering,University of Bath
Mr JRM Taylor, University of Edinburgh
Professor KG (Kevin) Taylor, Environmental and Geographical Sciences,Manchester Metropolitan University
Professor KG Taylor, Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences,University of Manchester
Professor NK Taylor, Sch of Mathematical and Computer Science,Heriot-Watt University
Professor P Taylor, Process, Environmental and Material Eng,University of Leeds
Professor PC (Phil) Taylor, Engineering,Durham University
Dr PH Taylor, Engineering Science,University of Oxford
Dr RA Taylor, Chemistry,Durham University
Professor RJ Taylor, Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering,University of Manchester
Dr S Taylor, Chemistry,Cardiff University
Dr S Taylor, Queen's University Belfast
Dr S Taylor, Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering,Queen's University Belfast
Dr S Taylor, University of Liverpool
Dr SB Taylor, University of Birmingham
Dr SC Taylor, Civil and Building Engineering,Loughborough University
Dr SE Taylor, Queen's University Belfast