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Dr A Thomas, Orkney College UHI,University of the Highlands and Islands
Dr AG Thomas, Physics and Astronomy,University of Manchester
Professor AR (Alan) Thomas, Swansea University
Prof C (Chris) Thomas, Inst of Rural Sciences,Aberystwyth University
Professor CJ Thomas, IBERS,Aberystwyth University
Dr CLP Thomas, Chemistry,Loughborough University
Dr GH (Gavin) Thomas, Biology,University of York
Professor HR Thomas, Engineering,Cardiff University
Dr JA Thomas, Chemistry,University of Sheffield
Dr K Thomas, School of Social Science,University of Aberdeen
Professor KM Thomas, School of Chemical Engineering & Advanced Materials,Newcastle University
Professor P Thomas, Sch of Engineering and Mathematical Sci,City University
Professor PA Thomas, Physics,University of Warwick
Mr SD (Stephen) Thomas, Science Policy Research Unit,University of Sussex
Dr SP Thomas, Sch of Chemistry,University of Edinburgh
Dr T Thomas, School of Engineering,University of Warwick
Dr TG Thomas, School of Engineering Sciences,University of Southampton
Professor J Thomas-Oates, Chemistry,University of York
Professor JL Thomason, Mechanical Engineering,University of Strathclyde