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Dr AJ White, Engineering,University of Cambridge
Dr D (Daniel) White, Plymouth Marine Lab,Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML)
Professor DJ White, Sch of Engineering,University of Southampton
Dr G White, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences,Heriot-Watt University
Professor I White, Engineering,University of Cambridge
Professor JT White, College of Social Sciences,University of Glasgow
Professor MRH White, Life Sciences,University of Manchester
Dr MT White, Sch of Engineering and Mathematical Sci,City University
Professor NM White, Electronics and Computer Science,University of Southampton
Professor PR White, Sch of Engineering,University of Southampton
Professor RS White, Earth Sciences,University of Cambridge
Professor JC Whitehead, Chemistry,University of Manchester
Dr L (Lynne) Whitehead, College of Medicine, Biology and Environment,Australian National University, Australia
Dr AE Whiteing, Institute for Transport Studies,University of Leeds
Professor AS (Andrew) Whiteley, NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH)
Dr BR Whiteside, Sch of Engineering Design and Technology,University of Bradford
Dr J Whiteside, School of Ocean and Earth Science,University of Southampton
Mr C Whitewood, Physics,University of Warwick