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Professor A Wood, Management, Work and Organisation,University of Stirling
Dr C Wood, Architecture and Built Environment,University of Nottingham
Professor D Wood, Engineering,Durham University
Dr F R Wood, Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering,University of Manchester
Dr J Wood, Chemical Engineering,University of Birmingham
Dr MD Wood, Sch of Environment & Life Sciences,University of Salford
Professor RJK Wood, School of Engineering Sciences,University of Southampton
Dr T Wood, Sch of Maths, Statistics and Physic,Newcastle University
Dr TJ Wood, ISIS Pulsed Neutron & Muon Source,STFC (Science & Technology Facilities Council)
Dr JD Woodcock, Institute of Public Health,University of Cambridge
Dr SM Woodley, Chemistry,University College London
Dr SM Woodley, University College London
Dr B (Bridget) Woodman, Geography,University of Exeter
Dr N (Nicholas) Woodman, Faculty of Engineering and the Environment,University of Southampton
Dr ND Woodman, School of Engineering Sciences,University of Southampton
Dr B K S Woods, Aerospace Engineering,University of Bristol
Dr CJ Woods, University of Bristol
Professor D Woods, Statistical Sciences Research institute,University of Southampton
Dr J (Jeremy) Woods, Centre for Environmental Policy,Imperial College London
Professor RF Woods, Electronics, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science,Queen's University Belfast
Dr MD Woodward, Marine Science and Technology,Newcastle University
Professor S Woodward, Chemistry,University of Nottingham