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Name:   Dr M Preuss
Organisation:   University of Manchester
Department:   Materials
EP/E020933/1 P A fundamental study of deformation mechanisms in advanced polycrystalline nickel-base superalloys
EP/K034650/1 P Engineered Zircaloy Cladding Modifications for Improved Accident Tolerance of LWR Fuel
EP/I005420/1 P Enhancing nuclear fuel efficiency through improved understanding of irradiation damage in zirconium cladding
EP/M018369/1 P From Processing to Simulated In-Reactor Performance of Zr Cladding.
EP/L025981/1 P High Fidelity Ion Beam Simulation of High Dose Neutron Irradiation
EP/I012346/1 P Irradiation Effects on Flow Localisation in Zirconium Alloys
EP/J021172/1 P New Nuclear Manufacturing (NNUMAN)
EP/R000956/1 P Silicide-Strengthened Steel - A New Method of Wear Protection within Nuclear Environments
EP/E036171/1 P Zirconium alloys for high burn-up fuel in current and advanced light water-cooled reactors
EP/P005284/1 O An integrated (ICME) approach to multiscale modelling of the fabrication and joining of powder processed parts
EP/K039237/1 O Ceramic Coatings for Clad (The C^3 Project): Advanced Accident-Tolerant Ceramic Coatings for Zr-alloy Cladding
EP/K039237/2 O Ceramic Coatings for Clad (The C^3 Project): Advanced Accident-Tolerant Ceramic Coatings for Zr-alloy Cladding
EP/T016728/1 O Cobalt-free Hard-facing for Reactor Systems
EP/K034332/1 O Heterogeneous Mechanics in Hexagonal Alloys across Length and Time Scales
EP/P006566/1 O MAPP: EPSRC Future Manufacturing Hub in Manufacture using Advanced Powder Processes
EP/L018616/1 O PACIFIC - Providing a Nuclear Fuel Cycle in the UK for Implementing Carbon Reductions
EP/I003290/1 O Performance and Reliability of Metallic Materials for Nuclear Fission Power Generation
EP/M005607/1 O Strategic Partnership in Structural Metallic Systems for Gas Turbines
EP/S019367/1 O The Royce: Capitalising on the investment
EP/T016663/1 O UKINN: UK India Nuclear Network
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
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0 3 18 21 9,104,763   46,026,127