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Name:   Professor G (Goran ) Strbac
Organisation:   Imperial College London
Department:   Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
TS/G002347/1 P DD-DSM: Demonstration of Distributed Demand-side Management as a service to the UK grid operator
EP/K002252/1 P Energy Storage for Low Carbon Grids
EP/L001039/1 P Grid Economics, Planning and Business Models for Smart Electric Mobility
EP/E003583/1 O AURA-NMS: Autonomous Regional Active Network Management System
EP/K036173/1 O Advanced Communication and Control for the Prevention of Blackouts (ACCEPT)
EP/L014386/1 O Business, Economics, Planning and Policy for Energy Storage in Low-Carbon Futures
EP/G066477/1 O Control For Energy and Sustainability
EP/I038837/1 O Digital City Exchange
EP/C016009/1 O Gas-Turbine and Governor Modelling and Benefits of Integrated Control of Embedded Generation Plant
EP/W003597/1 O High efficiency reversible solid oxide cells for the integration of offshore renewable energy using hydrogen
EP/I013636/1 O HubNet: Research Leadership and Networking for Energy Networks
EP/R045518/1 O Integrated Development of Low-Carbon Energy Systems (IDLES): A Whole-System Paradigm for Creating a National Strategy
EP/K006274/1 O Integrated Operation and Planning for Smart Electric Distribution Networks (OPEN)
ES/T000112/1 O JPI Urban Europe/NSFC: Socio-Techno-Economic Pathways for sustainable Urban energy develoPment
EP/P003605/1 O Joint UK-India Clean Energy Centre (JUICE)
EP/N010612/1 O Low Carbon Transitions of Fleet Operations in Metropolitan Sites (LC TRANSFORMS)
NE/G007748/1 O MASTER - Proposal for providing work to continue activity of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) 2009 - 2014
EP/N005996/1 O Maximising the Carbon Impact of Wind Power
EP/W034204/1 O NetworkPlus - A green, connected and prosperous Britain
EP/R002320/1 O New Methods and Data for Energy Research (NEMDER)
EP/N03466X/1 O Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading and Sharing - 3M (Multi-times, Multi-scales, Multi-qualities)
GR/S12791/01 O Platform Grant: Sustainable Electric Power Systems
EP/K005316/1 O Realising Transition Pathways - Whole Systems Analysis for a UK More Electric Low Carbon Energy Future
EP/K036327/1 O Reconfigurable Distribution Networks
NE/C513169/1 O Research Programme of the UK Energy Research Centre.
EP/R030235/1 O Resilient Electricity Networks for a productive Grid Architecture (RENGA)
EP/L014351/1 O Role of energy storage in enhancing operation and stability performance of sustainable power systems (RESTORES)
GR/S28082/01 O SUPERGEN - Future Network Technologies
EP/E04011X/1 O SUPERGEN 1 Renewal Core - FlexNet: Renewal of the Supergen consortium on Future Network Technologies
EP/L019469/1 O SUPERGEN Energy Storage Hub
GR/T28836/01 O SUPERGEN Highly Distributed Power Systems Consortium
EP/S032622/1 O Supergen Storage Network Plus 2019
EP/M015025/1 O System Architecture Challenges: Supergen+ for HubNet
EP/T021780/1 O Technology Transformation to Support Flexible and Resilient Local Energy Systems
EP/S016627/1 O The Active Building Centre
EP/V012053/1 O The Active Building Centre Research Programme (ABC RP)
EP/I031650/1 O The Autonomic Power System
NE/C516401/1 O The UK Carbon Capture and Storage Consortium.
EP/F022832/1 O Transition pathways to a low carbon economy
EP/P026214/1 O UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre 2017 (UKCCSRC 2017)
EP/L024756/1 O UK Energy Research Centre Phase 3
EP/K039326/1 O Whole Systems Energy Modelling Consortium (WholeSEM)
DT/F007590/1 O ZEFAL The Zero Fault Level Generator for Active Urban Networks
EP/T022949/1 O Zero-Carbon Emission Integrated Cooling, Heating and Power (ICHP) Networks
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
Project List Summary
for Professor G (Goran ) Strbac
Funded Started Completed Total £ Value   Total Project
£ Value
0 8 38 46 7,141,380   182,262,240