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Projects: Projects for Investigator
Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   Northern Gas Network (NGN) North East
Department:   None
NGNG_NIA_346 P ATEX Equipment & SR/25 Modification Assessment
NIA_NGN_337 P Biomethane Study
ENA_10027307 P CEV: Critical factors for the adoption of smart homes for energy efficiency and implications for consumers and providers
NIA_NGN_357 P Community Resilience
NIA_NGN_345 P Customer Energy Village: Project 1: Energy Efficiency
NIA_NGN_300 P Customer Vulnerability Mapping Tool
ENA_10027292 P Excess Gas Turbine Energy Generation
NIA_NGN_301 P Failure Modes and Permeation Testing of PE
NIA_NGN_302 P H21 - Wider Impacts of Hydrogen
NGN_NIA_344 P H21 Ignition Consequence Research
NIA_NGN_348 P H21 Occupied Trials Phase 1 - Safety Case
NIA_NGN-334 P Improving Carbon Monoxide Awareness
NIA_NGN_303 P IoT Pressure Sensor Pilot
ENA_10027293 P Multimodal Hydrogen Transport Refuelling Study
NIA_NGN_359 P Project Helix
ENA_10027315 P Rail Decarbonisation Planning
NIA_NGN_338 P Street Score 2
ENA_10027276 P Thermal imagery analysis - Condition assessment fluid and pressure
NIA_CAD0088 O Digital Exclusion
NIA_CAD0076 O FI 0015 Hydrogen Blending: Functional Spec for Commercial Frameworks (Phase A)
NIA_CAD0073 O FI-0003 - Common future end states and transition pathways
NIA_CAD0079 O FI-0011 - Functional Specification: Hydrogen Blending Infrastructure
NIA_CAD0078 O FI-0017 - Exit Strategy Mechanism
NIA_NGN_301 O Failure Modes and Permeation Testing of PE
NIA_WWU_02_27 O Gas Control System – Impact Assessment (Future requirements)
NIA_NGGT0179 O HGR&D ST - Assessment Methodologies
NIA_NGN_414 O HVT Legislative and Regulatory Analysis
NGGTGN04 O HyNTS FutureGrid Phase 1 – Transmission Test Facility NIC
NIA_CAD0080 O Hydrogen Village Safety Framework
NIA_NGN_425 O Hydrogen compatibility of components - Phase 2: Further analysis
NIA2_SGN0025 O Interventions for Hydrogen by Asset Group
ENA_10037368 O Thermal Imagery Analysis
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
Project List Summary
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Funded Started Completed Total £ Value   Total Project
£ Value
0 1 31 32 5,023,470   20,688,760