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Projects: Projects for Investigator
Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   SGN - Scotland
Department:   None
NIA2_SGN0017 P Bio CNG – SIU Feasibility Study
NIA2_SGN0002 P Energy Storage Strategy
NIA2_SGN0016 P Glenmavis Masterplan Options Appraisal
NIA2_SGN0009 P H100 Fife Phase 2 Village Pre-FEED
NIA2_SGN0024 P HyScale LOHC Phase 2 Project
NIA2_SGN0026 P Hydrogen Village Trial Hydrogen Appliance Supply Chain
NIA2_SGN0028 P Hypurge Safe Tooling
NIA2_SGN0027 P Ignition Probability in Small Services
NIA2_SGN0025 P Interventions for Hydrogen by Asset Group
NIA2_SGN0020 P Leakage Management in the Energy System Transition
NIA2_SGN0011 P Levenmouth Wastewater Treatment Works
NIA2_SGN0007 P North East Scotland Pre-FEED
NIA2_SGN0004 P Phoenix IIoT Demonstrator
NIA2_SGN0019 P Retrofit Excess Flow Valves (EFVs)
NIA2_SGN0014 P Technical assessment and feasibility study into water requirements for hydrogen production
NGNG_NIA_346 O ATEX Equipment & SR/25 Modification Assessment
NIA2_SGN0005 O Data Sharing Protocols
NIA_CAD0076 O FI 0015 Hydrogen Blending: Functional Spec for Commercial Frameworks (Phase A)
NIA_CAD0074 O FI-0002 Hydrogen Village Consumer Research
NIA_CAD0073 O FI-0003 - Common future end states and transition pathways
NIA_CAD0079 O FI-0011 - Functional Specification: Hydrogen Blending Infrastructure
NIA2_SGN0001 O Grangemouth to Granton LTS Futures
NIA2_SGN0022 O H100 Specific Fire & Risks
NIA2_SGN0003 O H100 town Expansion-Storage Solution: Balgonie Feasibility Study
NIA_NGN_302 O H21 - Wider Impacts of Hydrogen
NGN_NIA_344 O H21 Ignition Consequence Research
NIA_NGGT0179 O HGR&D ST - Assessment Methodologies
NIA2_SGN0010 O HyScale Academic Review
NIA2_SGN0018 O Hydrogen Entry Unit Design
NIA2_SGN0023 O Hydrogen MOBS Data Analysis Phase 1
NIA2_SGN0021 O Hydrogen Navigator
NIA_CAD0080 O Hydrogen Village Safety Framework
NIA2_SGN0026 O Hydrogen Village Trial Hydrogen Appliance Supply Chain
NIA2_SGN0028 O Hypurge Safe Tooling
NIA_NGN-334 O Improving Carbon Monoxide Awareness
NIA2_SGN0006 O Industrial & Commercial Plant Hydrogen Sensitivity Assessment
NIA2_SGN0013 O Long Term, Large Scale Hydrogen Storage Database
NIA2_SGN0004 O Phoenix IIoT Demonstrator
ENA_10037420 O Predictive Safety Interventions
NIA2_SGN0012 O Recommissioning Grangemouth to Granton
NIA2_SGN0029 O SR25 Calculator update
NIA2_SGN0015 O Servitudes and Easements
NIA_NGN_338 O Street Score 2
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
Project List Summary
for Project Contact
Funded Started Completed Total £ Value   Total Project
£ Value
0 2 41 43 5,159,227   10,965,544