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Projects: Projects for Investigator
Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   SPEN - SP Transmission Plc
Department:   None
ENA_10025738 P A Holistic Hydrogen Approach to Heavy Duty Transport (H2H)
NIA_SPEN_0071 P A Holistic Intelligent Control System for flexible technologies (T2)
ENA_10025653 P Asset Reuse and Recovery Collaboration (ARRC)
NIA_SPEN_0070 P Asset Reuse and Recovery Collaboration (ARRC) - Discovery Continuity
NIA_SPEN_0064 P Cyber Security for Active and Flexible Energy Networks (Cyber-SAFEN)
NIA_SPEN_0067 P Data and Digitalisation - Discovery Continuity
ENA_10025639 P Digi-GIFT
NIA_SPEN_0062 P DynaLoad – Dynamic loading of transformer insulation
ENA_10025651 P EN-twin-e
ENA_10025660 P Fast Flex
ENA_10025661 P Flexible Heat
NIA_SPEN_0069 P Heat - Discovery Continuation
NIA_SPEN_0075 P Landslide Protection Asset (T2)
NIA_SPEN_0068 P Net Zero Transport - Discovery Continuity
ENA_10025656 P Predict4Resilience
NIA_SPEN_0066 P Predict4Resilience - Discovery Continuity
NIA_SPEN_0074 P Project Conan (T2)
NIA_SPEN_0072 P Project Synthesis – Effective Regional Inertia Monitoring and Automatic Control with a Whole System Approach (T2)
ENA_10025479 P Resilient and Flexible Multi-Energy Hub Networks for Integrated Green Mobility
NIA_SPEN_0073 P Transmission OHL Crossing Protection Stage 1 (T2)
NIA2_NGESO026 O Consumer Building Blocks
NIA2_NGET0001 O Impedance Scan Methods
NIA SPEN 0057 O Re-Heat: Enabling Renewable Heat
NIA_SHET_0035 O TOTEM (Transmission Owner Tools for EMT Modelling) Extension
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
Project List Summary
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Funded Started Completed Total £ Value   Total Project
£ Value
0 4 21 25 5,357,008   8,438,191