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Projects: Projects for Investigator
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Organisation:   AEA Technology Environment
Department:   None
V1017 P 'Save It' videos
S9917/TA P CVTF: Greener fleet certification scheme part 1
S9940/TA P CVTF: Greener fleet certification scheme part 2
GPG 273 P Computerised routing and scheduling for efficient logistics
FL0214 P Driver development training
GPCS 374 P Efficient Just In Time (JIT) supply chain management - Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd
TE249 P Efficient public sector fleet operations
GPCS 409 P Expert advice helps cut fleet costs - Denholm Industrial Services Ltd
GPCS 398 P Fuel champion saves equivalent of 50 trailer loads of carbon dioxide a year - BOC Ltd
GPG 307 P Fuel management guide
GPG 313 P Fuel saving devices
RHMF 001 P Fuel saving tips guide
S0006/T1 P Green fleet management seminars
GPCS 402 P Heathrow airport retail consolidation centre - BAA plc
DFT-2003-075 P Impact assessment of the freight element of Transport Energy Best Practice
TE355 P In-fleet trials of fuel saving interventions for trucks
FBP1046 P Information technology for efficient road transport operations
S0202/T3 P International resource costs of biodiesel and bioethanol (TET 7/4/1)
GPCS2104 P Jaguar sprints forward
BG 77 P Key Performance Indicators for Non-Food Retail Distribution
DFT-2001-0 P Key performance indicators for home delivery operations
BG 78 P Key performance indicators for the food supply chain
TE255 P Key performance indicators for the pallet sector
DFT-2001-00 P Key performance indicators in the automotive supply chain
SRT 7/5/9 P Low carbon commercial shipping
EP0202 P MARKAL Macro Analysis of Long Run Costs of Mitigation Targets - EP0202
TE251 P Make backloading work for you
GPCS2116 P Proactive driver performance management keeps fuel efficiency on track
GPCS 2101 P Reducing the environmental impact of distribution - Transco National Logistics
DFT-2002-000 P Refrigerated transport energy efficiency
SRT 7/2/8 P Removing the economic and institutional barriers to a hydrogen future
GPCS 399 P Road to rail: open access intermodal gateway to the UK - TDG European Chemicals
FBP1000 P Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) for van drivers - Guide
TE228 P Small fleet performance management tool
DFT-2003-0000 P Sponsorship of 2003 BTAC fuel efficiency trials
GPCS2103 P Testing time for trucks
GPG 2100 P The Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) standard
DFT-075-2005 P Transport Energy Best Practice Programme - Freight market audit 2005
STP 13/2/2 P Transport sector projections to 2050
GPG 308 P Truck aerodynamic styling
TE252 P Truck specification for best operational efficiency
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