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Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   University of Birmingham
Department:   None
S9934/TA P CVTF: Reveiw of alternative fuel technology
InnUK/509582/01 P The University of Birmingham and Blue Sky Bio Limited
InnUK/132403/01 O ATTACH Acoustic Tagging Technologies Applied to Cables and subsea Hardware
InnUK/102281/01 O AuxPaC - Auxiliary Power and Cooling
InnUK/102253/01 O Hybrid Electric Push-Back Tractor
InnUK/131886/01 I Commercial Portable Gravity Meters Based on Quantum Technologies
EP/I023879/1 I Delivering Graphene as an Engineering Material
EP/V035851/1 I FaSCiNATe: Facility for the Structural Characterisation of materials for Nuclear Applications operating at high Temperatures
EP/W005883/1 I Future Electric Vehicle Energy Networks supporting Renewables (FEVER)
EP/W010828/1 I High-performance ultra-low-carbon Geopolymer heat Battery for thermochemical energy storage in net-zero buildings (GeoBattery)
EP/T000368/1 I Mechanistic Understanding of the Damage and Fracture in Ceramic-Matrix Composites under Extreme Conditions
InnUK/102246/01 I PAINTS: Commercialisation of a Practical Atom Interferometer for Sensing
EP/V035886/1 I RadIAEM:Analytical Electron Microscope with in situ capability for beta, gamma active materials
InnUK/131820/01 I Series production of Lightweight parts by Isostatic pressing of Metal powders to give Material and Energy Reduction (SLIMMER)
EP/S001778/1 I Street2Grid - An Electricity Blockchain Platform for P2P Energy Trading
EP/S001778/2 I Street2Grid - An Electricity Blockchain Platform for P2P Energy Trading
EP/P005667/1 I Thermal Energy Challenge Network
EP/P005667/2 I Thermal Energy Challenge Network
EP/J017698/1 I Transforming the Engineering of Cities to Deliver Societal and Planetary Wellbeing
EP/N032861/1 I UK Fluids Network
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
Project List Summary
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Funded Started Completed Total £ Value   Total Project
£ Value
0 5 15 20 749,191   22,575,892