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Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   Johnson Matthey plc
Department:   None
C2/P21 P Treatment of Emissions from Gas Powered Vehicles (GASPART)
H2/01/00001/00/00 O High Throughput Synthesis and Screening of Novel Hydrogen Storage Materials
EP/W033321/1 I Advanced Metrology for Polymer Electrolysers - AMPERE
EP/F060009/1 I Aerogel photocatalytic diodes for carbon dioxide reduction
EP/V05385X/1 I An Aberration Corrected STEM with Integrated Science Driven AI to Quantify Dynamic Functionality in Advanced Energy Technologies and Biomaterials
EP/W036517/1 I An automated high-throughput robotic platform for accelerated battery and fuels discovery - DIGIBAT
EP/W031019/1 I Bio-derived and Bio-inspired Advanced Materials for Sustainable Industries (VALUED)
EP/K035355/1 I Bio-inspired sulfide nanocatalysts: From proof of concept to 'real' catalysis
EP/K035355/2 I Bio-inspired sulfide nanocatalysts: From proof of concept to 'real' catalysis
EP/G012156/1 I CASTECH
EP/L017091/1 I Carbon Nitrides: Metal-free Materials for Energy Applications
EP/N032942/1 I Cation-Controlled Gating for Selective Gas Adsorption over Adaptable Zeolites
EP/P007767/1 I Centre for Advanced Materials for Integrated Energy Systems (CAM-IES)
EP/K038656/1 I Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering (CNIE): Addressing Challenges in Sustainability and Scalable Manufacturing
EP/T027584/1 I Champion - Industrial Decarbonisation Research & Innovation Centre (IDRIC)
EP/E050085/1 I Characterization and Reduction of Nano and Ultra Fine Particulate Emissions from Diesel Engines: A look beyond 2010 Emission Regulations
EP/E040624/1 I Continuous Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanomaterials: From Laboratory to Pilot Plant
EP/M005143/1 I Control of spin and coherence in electronic excitations in organic and hybrid organic/inorganic semiconductor structures
EP/N02396X/1 I DEFCOM: Designing Eco-Friendly and COst-efficient energy Materials
EP/G036608/1 I DTC ENERGY: Technologies for a low carbon future
EP/W016656/1 I Decarbonised Clean Marine: Green Ammonia Thermal Propulsion (MariNH3)
EP/N001982/1 I Design and high throughput microwave synthesis of Li-ion battery materials
EP/N001982/2 I Design and high throughput microwave synthesis of Li-ion battery materials
EP/W03395X/1 I Design, Program, Evolve: Engineering efficient electrochemical devices for a net-zero world
EP/S016201/1 I Designed Synthesis of Zeolites for Environmental and Biorenewables Catalysis
EP/G00367X/1 I Developing Wide Line Solid State NMR as a Novel Analytical Approach to understand Metals in Catalytic Technology for Fuel Cells
EP/F025416/1 I Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration with On-Board Produced Hydrogen-Rich Gas
EP/F025483/1 I Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration with On-Board Produced Hydrogen-Rich Gas
EP/M009394/1 I ELEVATE (ELEctrochemical Vehicle Advanced TEchnology)
EP/L016362/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Carbon Capture and Storage and Cleaner Fossil Energy
EP/Y03502X/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Digital and Automated Materials Chemistry
EP/L016818/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Storage and its Applications
EP/L015749/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Fuel Cells and their Fuels - Clean Power for the 21st Century
EP/S023828/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Inorganic Chemistry for Future Manufacturing (OxICFM)
EP/L015862/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Molecular Modelling and Materials Science
EP/S023836/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Renewable Energy Northeast Universities (ReNU)
EP/S022996/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Resilient Decarbonised Fuel Energy Systems
EP/L016354/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Chemical Technologies
EP/X013065/1 I EPSRC Network for Engineering Porous Materials at Multiple Scales (EPoMM)
EP/K016954/1 I Electrochemical Energy Storage with Graphene-Enabled Materials
EP/X009734/1 I Electrolysis at scale: a pathway to lower precious metal content electrolysers
EP/P009050/1 I Elucidation of membrane interface chemistry for electro-chemical processes
EP/R023522/1 I Emergent Nanomaterials (Critical Mass Proposal)
EP/L022907/1 I Enabling breakthrough energy materials with advanced microscopy and modelling
EP/M009521/1 I Enabling next generation lithium batteries
EP/K016288/1 I Energy Materials: Computational Solutions
EP/R030472/1 I Enhancing Performance in Polyanionic Cathode Materials
EP/P03117X/1 I FACE - Novel Integrated Fuel Reformer-Aftertreatment System for Clean and Efficient Road Vehicles
EP/L02537X/1 I First principles design of novel ammonia synthesis catalysts
EP/N010531/1 I Flexible Routes to Liquid Fuels from CO2 by Advanced Catalysis and Engineering
EP/M01486X/1 I From membrane material synthesis to fabrication and function (SynFabFun)
EP/S03305X/1 I Frontier Engineering: Progression Grant in Nature-Inspired Engineering
EP/C002601/1 I Fuel Cells- Powering a Greener Future
EP/L014114/1 I Functional materials derived from the schafarzikite mineral framework
EP/Y023994/1 I GW-SHIFT: Great Western Supercluster of Hydrogen Impact for Future Technologies
EP/W033232/1 I H2terascale - Improved oxygen evolution catalysis to enable terawatt scale hydrogen production
EP/W017091/1 I Harnessing vibration-induced enhancement of transport in functional materials with soft structural dynamics
EP/D062381/1 I High Throughput Synthesis and Screening of Novel Hydrogen Storage Materials
EP/V049046/1 I High-Throughput Fabrication and Characterisation for Discovery of Novel Energy Materials
EP/T022930/1 I Hydrogen Infrastructure Uncertainty Management for Heat Decarbonisation
EP/P024807/1 I Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Hub Extension (H2FC SUPERGEN)
EP/F027389/1 I Hydrogen generation from biomass derived glycerol using sorption enhanced reaction processes
EP/W03722X/1 I IDEA: Inverse Design of Electrochemical Interfaces with Explainable AI
EP/R023034/1 I ISCF Wave 1: 3D electrodes from 2D materials
EP/R020744/1 I ISCF Wave 1: Earth-Abundant Metal-Air Batteries
EP/R021295/1 I ISCF Wave 1: Improved lifetime performance and safety of electrochemical energy stores through functionalization of passive materials and components
EP/R023581/1 I ISCF Wave 1: Materials research hub for energy conversion, capture, and storage
EP/R020973/1 I ISCF Wave 1: Translational Energy Storage Diagnostics (TRENDs)
EP/R021554/1 I ISCF Wave 1:Designing Electrodes for Na Ion Batteries via Structure Electrochemical Performance Correlations
EP/R021554/2 I ISCF Wave 1:Designing Electrodes for Na Ion Batteries via Structure Electrochemical Performance Correlations
EP/K026658/1 I Identifying Cost Effective Routes To Optimised Energy Recovery For The Fuel Economy Of Vehicles
EP/V027050/1 I Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC)
EP/K014676/1 I Ionic Liquid Biorefining of Lignocellulose to Sustainable Polymers
EP/N009924/1 I Low carbon jet fuel through integration of novel technologies for co-valorisation of CO2 and biomass
EP/P006566/1 I MAPP: EPSRC Future Manufacturing Hub in Manufacture using Advanced Powder Processes
EP/W003333/1 I Manufacturing by Design
EP/V000055/1 I Metal Atoms on Surfaces & Interfaces (MASI) for Sustainable Future
EP/R011710/1 I Metal Nanoparticle - MOF Templates; Tailored Routes to Controlled Nanocomposites for Catalysis
EP/F036175/1 I Modelling NOx Reduction by Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) appropriate for Light-Duty Vehicles under Steady State and Transient Conditions
EP/K003976/1 I Multi-scale Exploration of MultiPhase Physics In FlowS (MEMPHIS)
EP/N007859/1 I Multi-scale engineering toolbox for systematic assessment of porous materials in the context of adsorption and membrane separations
EP/R001308/1 I Multi-stimuli Responsive Smart Hydrogels for Energy-Efficient CO2 capture
EP/K035274/1 I Nano-structured Catalysts for CO2 Transformation to Fuels and Products
EP/F056230/1 I Nanocrystalline Photodiodes: Novel Devices for Water Splitting
EP/R01213X/1 I New Manufacturing Processes for More Sustainable Commodity Chemicals
EP/K017160/1 I New manufacturable approaches to the deposition and patterning of graphene materials
EP/W017075/1 I New perspectives in photocatalysis and near-surface chemistry: catalysis meets plasmonics
EP/S030468/1 I New trimetallic nanoparticles as catalysts for the conversion of carbon dioxide to renewable fuels
EP/P003532/1 I Next Generation Solid-State Batteries
EP/G038139/1 I Novel Compact Aftertreatment Systems for Simultaneous Reduction of Diesel Engine NOx, PM, CO and HC Emissions
EP/S001239/1 I Novel Manufacturing Approaches to Next Generation Batteries
EP/S001239/2 I Novel Manufacturing Approaches to Next Generation Batteries
EP/L017792/1 I Photovoltaic Technology based on Earth Abundant Materials - PVTEAM
EP/V003070/2 I Precise deposition of complex particles for structured functional products
EP/W014378/1 I Predictive multiscale free energy simulations of hybrid transition metal catalysts
EP/K020099/1 I Recovery of metal value from end of life PEMFC
EP/D031672/1 I SUPERGEN - The Energy Storage Consortium
EP/L019469/1 I SUPERGEN Energy Storage Hub
EP/V002260/1 I Scalable fabrication of on-chip Li CO2 batteries for efficient electrocatalysts screening and energy storage mechanism study
EP/N020707/1 I Sincere: Selective ion-conductive ceramic electrolytes
EP/V008676/1 I Solution-Processed Inorganic Thin-Film Photovoltaic Devices (SolPV)
EP/P034497/1 I Spectroscopy-driven design of an efficient photocatalyst for CO2 reduction (Ext.)
EP/S032622/1 I Supergen Storage Network Plus 2019
EP/V056565/1 I Sustainable Catalysis for Clean Growth
EP/W03784X/1 I Sustainable Hydrogen Production from Seawater Electrolysis
EP/M008754/1 I Sustainable Oxidation Catalysts for the Production of Solar Hydrogen and Chlorine from Brine
EP/W018950/1 I Sustainable microwave manufacturing of functional inorganic materials (SuMMa)
EP/K014889/1 I Terpene-based Manufacturing for Sustainable Chemical Feedstocks
EP/R000441/1 I The Calcium-Air Battery
EP/R026939/1 I The UK Catalysis Hub -'Core'
EP/V014994/1 I Towards Room Temperature Rechargeable Fluoride-Ion Batteries
EP/R020590/1 I Towards Self-scrubbing Stable and Scalable Perovskite Solar Cells
EP/Y024605/1 I UK National Clean Maritime Research Hub
EP/F036159/1 I UK Semiconductor Photochemistry Network: UK-SPC
EP/X038963/1 I UK-HyRES: Hub for Research Challenges in Hydrogen and Alternative Liquid Fuels
EP/W010151/1 I Unlocking the pre-nucleation state as a route to materials discovery in MOFs
EP/D078199/1 I Unmixed Steam Reforming of Liquid Fuels From Biomass and Waste for Hydrogen Production
EP/N009533/1 I Utilisation of Solar Energy and Electrocatalytic Processes for the Low Energy Conversion of CO2 to Fuels and Chemicals
EP/W033283/1 I Water dissociation interfaces for high current density bipolar membrane electrolysers
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
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