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Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   Western Power Distribution
Department:   None
NIA_WPD_007 P Airborne Inspection Phase 1
NIA_WPD_013 P CarConnect
NIA_WPD_022 P Carbon Tracing
NIA_WPD_016 P Common Information Model
NIA_WPD_003 P ECHO - Energy Control for Household Optimisation (Continuation of Project LCNF_WPDT1010)
NIA_WPD_001 P Electric Boulevards (Continuation of Project LCNF_WPDT1009)
NIA_WPD_018 P Electric Vehicle Emissions Testing
NIA_WPD_017 P Entire
NIA_WPD_023 P FREEDOM - Flexible Residential Energy Efficiency Demand Optimisation and Management
NIA_WPD_012 P Global Analysis of Smart Grid Telecommunications Solutions
NIA_WPD_021 P Industrial & Commercial Storage
NIA_WPD_014 P LV Connect & Manage
NIA_WPD_019 P LV Plus
NIA_WPD_005 P Losses Investigation
NIA_WPD_009 P Project SYNC (Solar Yield Network Constraints)
NIA_WPD_025 P SF6 Alternatives
NIA_WPD_004 P Solar Storage
NIA_WPD_006 P Sunshine Tariff
NIA_WPD_015 P Superconducting Cables - Network Feasibility Study
NIA_WPD_011 P Time Series Data Quality
NIA_WPD_024 P Time Series Data Tool Feasibility Study
NIA_WPD_002 P Voltage Control System Integration - D-SVC Phase 2 (Continuation of Project LCNF_WPDT1011)
NIA_WPD_010 P Voltage Reduction Analysis
InnUK/101994/01 O A Low Cost, High Capacity, Smart Residential Distribution Network Enabled By SiC Power Electronics
NIA_WPD_008 O Improved Statistical Ratings for Distribution Overhead Lines
NIA_SSEPD_0026 O Management of plug-in vehicle uptake on distribution networks
NIA_NGET0100 O Reactive Power Exchange Application Capability Transfer (REACT)
ETI-EN1010 O Resistive Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (RSFCL)
NIA_ENWL003 O Review of Engineering Recommendation P2/6
NIA_NGET0154 O Smart Grid Forum Work Stream 7
EP/L016141/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Power Networks at The University of Manchester
EP/D034531/1 I Enhanced Management and Performance for a Sustainable UK Energy Infrastructure
EP/K036211/1 I High Energy And Power Density (HEAPD) Solutions to Large Energy Deficits
EP/K006274/1 I Integrated Operation and Planning for Smart Electric Distribution Networks (OPEN)
EP/S00078X/1 I Supergen Energy Networks hub 2018
EP/S00078X/2 I Supergen Energy Networks hub 2018
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
Project List Summary
for Project Contact
Funded Started Completed Total £ Value   Total Project
£ Value
0 2 35 37 27,421,723   52,522,735