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Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   E.ON UK (formerly PowerGen)
Department:   None
ETI-WI1002 P Helm Wind
ETI-TR1002 P PIVEI: Large Scale Consumer Trial S1 SP2 - Electricity Distribution and Intelligent Infrastructure
ETI-TR1003 P PIVEI: Large Scale Consumer Trial S1 SP3 - Economics and Carbon Benefits
DTI/CC/206 O Advanced Characterisation Property Database for Chinese and Indian and Other Asian Coals.
DTI/CC/103 O Advanced Materials, Modelling and Lifeing Technologies for Gas Turbine Components Operating in Coal Gasification Plant
DTI/CC/409 O Alloy Development for Critical Components on Future Coal-Fired power Plant
ETI-CC1003 O CCS Systems Modelling Tool-Kit
DTI/CC/407 O Coal-Fired Advanced Supercritical Boiler/Turbine Retrofit Technology with CO2 Capture Options
ETI-WI1004 O Condition Monitoring
DTI/CC/324 O Demonstration of Co-firing Biomass at an Existing Coal Fired Power Station - Phase 2
DTI/CC/231 O Development of Nitrogen Stable Isotope Ratio Measurements to Apportion Fuel and Thermal NOx in Coal Combustion
DTI/CC/406 O Impact of CO2 Removal from Coal Gasification Based Fuel Plants
DTI/CC/139 O Improvement in Combustion Efficiency in Utility Boilers
ETI-MA1003 O Performance Assessment of Wave and Tidal Array Systems (PerAWaT)
ETI-EN1009 O Pre-Saturated Core Fault Current Limiter
DTI/CC/218 O Predictive and Remedial Measures for Particle Impact Erosion and Abrasion Wear in Cleaner Coal Energy Conversion Technologies
DTI/CC/127 O Proposal for Advanced Coal Modelling
DTI/CC/102 O Pulverised Fuel Measurement with Split Control
ETI-MA1001 O Reliable Data Acquisition Platform for Tidal (ReDAPT)
ETI-EN1010 O Resistive Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (RSFCL)
DTI/CC/410 O Superheater and Pipework Component Demonstration for AD 700 Type Coal-Fired Boilers in European Power Plant
DTI/CC/408 O Towards Zero Emissions of NOx and Mercury from Coal-Fired Power Plant
DTI/CC/208 O UK Collaboration with Netherlands and Australian NOx Reduction Research Using Overfire Air Staging.
DTI/CC/305 O Virtual Plant Demonstration Model
ES/L011840/1 I Retail Business Datasafe
ES/L005204/1 I TRANSFER: TRading Approaches to Nurturing Sustainable consumption in Fashion and Energy Retail
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
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