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Projects: Projects for Investigator
Name:   Professor NP (Nigel ) Brandon
Organisation:   Imperial College London
Department:   Earth Science and Engineering
EP/H05037X/1 P Advanced battery condition monitoring in electric and hybrid vehicles
EP/E02890X/1 P EPSRC - Energy Research Senior Fellow
EP/M014045/1 P Electrodes by Design - Microstructural Engineering of High Performance Electrodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
EP/H045139/1 P Energy Futures DTC
EP/J021695/1 P Energy Storage Network
EP/E036740/1 P Energy research development manager at Imperial College London (Linked to EP/E011705)
EP/W003597/1 P High efficiency reversible solid oxide cells for the integration of offshore renewable energy using hydrogen
EP/J016454/1 P Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supergen Hub
EP/P024807/1 P Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Hub Extension (H2FC SUPERGEN)
EP/R020973/1 P ISCF Wave 1: Translational Energy Storage Diagnostics (TRENDs)
EP/W032589/1 P Improved hydrogen-steam electrodes for solid oxide electrolysers
EP/L014289/1 P Lower Cost and Longer Life Flow Batteries for Grid Scale Energy Storage
EP/F00270X/1 P New and Renewable Solar Routes to Hydrogen Energy
EP/M02346X/1 P Novel diagnostic tools and techniques for monitoring and control of SOFC stacks - understanding mechanical and structural change
EP/N508585/1 P Vanadium-Hydrogen flow battery for energy storage applications - a feasibility study
NE/C516279/1 O A whole-system approach to analysing bioenergy demand and supply: mobilising the long-term potential of bioenergy TSEC-BIOSYS.
EP/I037016/1 O Advancing Biogas Utilization through Fuel Flexible SOFC
EP/G06704X/1 O Collaborative Research Opportunities in Energy with South Africa: Ab-Initio development and testing of fuel cell catalysts
EP/I038586/1 O Developing FUTURE Vehicles (Fundamental Understanding of Technologies for Ultra Reduced Emission Vehicles)
EP/G061424/1 O Developing an experimental functional map of polymer electrolyte fuel cell operation
EP/L015749/1 O EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Fuel Cells and their Fuels - Clean Power for the 21st Century
EP/M009521/1 O Enabling next generation lithium batteries
EP/K002252/1 O Energy Storage for Low Carbon Grids
EP/C002601/1 O Fuel Cells- Powering a Greener Future
EP/R023581/1 O ISCF Wave 1: Materials research hub for energy conversion, capture, and storage
EP/V027050/1 O Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC)
EP/G065292/1 O Materials World Networks: Proton Conducting Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells
EP/N032888/1 O Multi-scale ANalysis for Facilities for Energy STorage (Manifest)
EP/J003085/1 O Multiscale in-situ characterisation of degradation and reactivity in solid oxide fuel cells
EP/F009720/1 O New Research Directions for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Science and Engineering
EP/C522788/1 O PLATFORM: Decentralised polygeneration of energy: Cross-disciplinary research at Imperial College London
EP/C522788/2 O PLATFORM: Decentralised polygeneration of energy: Cross-disciplinary research at Imperial College London
EP/L505298/1 O Revolutionary Electric Vehicle Battery (REVB)
EP/L019469/1 O SUPERGEN Energy Storage Hub
EP/I02249X/1 O Structural evolution across multiple time and length scales
EP/G030995/1 O Supergen Fuel Cell Consortium - Fuel cells - Powering a Greener Future - CORE
EP/S032622/1 O Supergen Storage Network Plus 2019
EP/P003494/1 O Zinc-Nickel Redox Flow Battery for Energy Storage
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
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for Professor NP (Nigel ) Brandon
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