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Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   Johnson Matthey Technology Centre
Department:   None
EP/H046313/1 I Bio-inspired (Fe,Ni)S nano-catalysts for CO2 conversion
EP/G06704X/1 I Collaborative Research Opportunities in Energy with South Africa: Ab-Initio development and testing of fuel cell catalysts
EP/G061424/1 I Developing an experimental functional map of polymer electrolyte fuel cell operation
EP/X018253/1 I Development of functional porous particulates for green ammonia production
EP/G03768X/1 I Doctoral Training Centre in Sustainable Chemical Technologies
EP/J016454/1 I Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supergen Hub
EP/G036675/1 I Industrial Doctorate Centre: Molecular Modelling & Materials Science
EP/J014702/1 I New Approach to Extend Durability of Sorbent Powders for Multicycle High Temperature CO2 Capture in Hydrogen
EP/J013420/1 I New Green Methanol Production
EP/I014365/1 I Refinery ready bio-petroleum via novel catalytic hydrothermal processing of microalgae
EP/J017361/1 I SUPERSOLAR Solar Energy Hub
EP/I02249X/1 I Structural evolution across multiple time and length scales
EP/G030995/1 I Supergen Fuel Cell Consortium - Fuel cells - Powering a Greener Future - CORE
EP/I019278/1 I Sustainable Product Engineering Centre for Innovative Functional Industrial Coatings - SPECIFIC
EP/J011150/1 I The control of electrons through patterning of superstructures
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0 1 14 15 0   36,215,993