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Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   SP Energy Networks
Department:   None
SPT2004 P Accelerating Renewable Connections (ARC)
NIA_SPEN0014 P Active Fault Level Management (AFLM)
SPT1004 P Active Network Management with Hydro Generation
SPT1002 P Ashton Hayes Smart Village
NIA_SPT_1605 P Cable diagnostics for HVDC cables
NIA_SSEPD_0001 P DISCERN Knowledge Transfer
NIA_SPEN0009 P Data Intelligence for Network Operations (DINO) Phase 1.
NIA_SPT_1506 P Development of a Standard 33kV Damped Harmonic Filter Design
NIA_SPT_1701 P Development of a lone working device, incorporating satellite communications and fall detection.
NIA_SPT_1308 P Dynamic Assessment of Wind Generation Synthetic Inertia Contribution to the GB Power System
NIA_SPT_1301 P Electrical Power Research Institute Programme Engagement
NIA_SPEN0021 P Endbox G38 Level Detection
NIA_SPEN0003 P Enhanced Real-Time Cable Temperature Monitoring
NIA_SPEN0008 P Environmentally Acceptable Wood Pole Pre-treatment Alternatives to Creosote (APPEAL)
NIA_SPT_1306 P HVDC Cable Condition Monitoring System
NIA_SPT_1303 P IEC 61850 Integration of Substation Protection and Control - Test Facility
NIA_SPT_1610 P Innovative Approach for Transmission Harmonics Issues
NIA_SPEN0020 P Instrument for the identification of Live and Not Live HV and LV cables
NIA_SPEN0013 P Interoperable LV Automation - Stage 1
NIA_SPT_1604 P Introduction of Environmentally Friendly Alternatives to SF6
NIA_SPT_1307 P Investigation into the development of an MVDC Demonstration Project
NIA_SPEN0011 P LV Elbow Joints
NIA_SPT_1309 P Low Frequency Electricity Transmission Technology Evaluation
NIA_SPT_1504 P Managing uncertainty in future load-related investment
NIA_SPT_1501 P Medium Voltage DC (MVDC)
NIA_SPEN0006 P Mini-Mole
NIA_SPT_1507 P Modelling of Static and Dynamic Loads
NIA_SPT_1300 P NIC Proposal Development
NIA_SPEN0016 P Network Constraint Early Warning Systems (NCEWS)
NIA_SPT_1607 P Non-Intrusive Assessment Techniques for Tower Foundations
NIA_SPEN0019 P Operational Assessment of Composite Poles
NIA_SPEN0005 P Portable Radiometric Arc Fault Locator (RAFL)
NIA_SPT_1601 P Power 2 Tower: Stage 1 Energy Harvesting Feasibility
NIA_SPT_1503 P Protection Settings to Cater for the Evolving Transmission Network
NIA_SPEN0015 P Real Time Fault Level Monitoring (RTFLM) - Stage 1
NIA_SPT_1608 P Reducing Energy Losses from Transmission Substations
NIA_SPT_1606 P Reuse of Existing Concrete Assets
NIA_SPEN0017 P Secondary Communications Phase 2 - Consultancy Engagement
NIA_SPT_1310 P Shunt Reactor Switching Innovation Study
NIA_SPEN0001 P Smart Building Potential Within Heavily Utilised Networks (Re-registered LCNF T1 Project)
NIA_SPT_1304 P Smart Transmission Zone Proposal
NIA_SPEN0004 P Substation Earth Monitor
NIA_SPEN0018 P Technical Review of Non-conventional Statcom Applications
NIA_SPT_1609 P The Planning Data Exchange System between Network Licensees to Enable a Smarter Grid
NIA_SPT_1505 P Trial of Open Innovation Model in the Utilities Sector
NIA_SPT_1602 P UAV Platform Development for Automated Asset Condition Diagnosis
NIA_SPEN0002 P Virtual World Asset Management
NIA_SPEN0022 P Weather Normalised Demand Analytics (WANDA)
NIA_SGN0035 O Beyond Visual Line of Sight Aerial Inspection Vehicle
NIA_SPT_1502 O Distributed Photonic Grid Instrumentation
NIA_NGET0105 O Enhanced Weather Modelling for Dynamic Line rating (DLR)
NIA_NPG_015 O Geospatial PV Mapping
NIA_SHET_0008 O HVDC Nanocomposite Insulation
NIA_WPD_008 O Improved Statistical Ratings for Distribution Overhead Lines
NIA_SSEPD_0002 O Locamation SASensor High-Medium Voltage (HMV) Primary Substation Protection
NIA_SSEPD_0026 O Management of plug-in vehicle uptake on distribution networks
NIA_NGN_142 O Project Concur
NIA_WWU_025 O Project Futurewave - Phase 2 (Digital Prototype)
NIA_NGGD0072 O Project Futurewave - Phase 3 (Pilot)
NIA_NGET0100 O Reactive Power Exchange Application Capability Transfer (REACT)
NIA_ENWL003 O Review of Engineering Recommendation P2/6
NIA_NGET0154 O Smart Grid Forum Work Stream 7
NIA_NGET0088 O Transformer Research Consortium
NIA_SPT_1603 O Trialling Long-Lasting Tower Paints
NIA_SSEPD_0004 O Ultrapole
NIA_NPG_001 O Vonaq Utility Pole Strength Measurement
EP/N002288/1 I Advances Polymer material for Energy Security - POLYMAT
EP/P001173/1 I Centre for Energy Systems Integration
EP/V042955/1 I DecarbonISation PAThways for Cooling and Heating (DISPATCH)
EP/S032053/1 I Decarbonising Transport through Electrification, a Whole System Approach (DTE)
EP/L015471/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Power Networks and Smart Grids
EP/S023836/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Renewable Energy Northeast Universities (ReNU)
EP/W028727/1 I Electric Fleets with On-site Renewable Energy Sources (EFORES): Data-driven Dynamic Dispatching and Charging under Uncertainties
EP/P009743/1 I HOME-Offshore: Holistic Operation and Maintenance for Energy from Offshore Wind Farms
EP/W003597/1 I High efficiency reversible solid oxide cells for the integration of offshore renewable energy using hydrogen
EP/T023112/1 I INTEGRATE: Integrating seasoNal Thermal storagE with multiple enerGy souRces to decArbonise Thermal Energy
EP/V027050/1 I Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC)
EP/T021969/1 I Multi-energy Control of Cyber-Physical Urban Energy Systems (MC2)
EP/I000496/1 I Multiscale Modelling to maximise Demand Side Management (Part 2)
EP/T023031/1 I Network headroom, engineering upgrades and public acceptance (NEUPA): Connecting engineering for heat system change to consumers and citizens
EP/N001893/1 I Realising Energy Storage Technologies in Low-carbon Energy Systems (RESTLESS)
EP/T021829/1 I Resilient Future Urban Energy Systems Capable of Surviving in Extreme Events (RESCUE)
EP/W028573/1 I SiemensEPSRC Digital Twin with Data-Driven Predictive Control: Unlocking Flexibility of Industrial Plants for Supporting a Net Zero Electricity System
EP/S001778/1 I Street2Grid - An Electricity Blockchain Platform for P2P Energy Trading
EP/S001778/2 I Street2Grid - An Electricity Blockchain Platform for P2P Energy Trading
EP/S032622/1 I Supergen Storage Network Plus 2019
EP/T021985/1 I Sustainable urban power supply through intelligent control and enhanced restoration of AC/DC networks
EP/S029575/1 I UK Energy Research Centre Phase 4
EP/W003325/1 I UK-Australia Centre in a Secure Internet of Energy: Supporting Electric Vehicle Infrastructure at the "Edge" of the Grid
EP/K022229/1 I Whole System Impacts and Socio-economics of wide scale PV integration (WISE PV)
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
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