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Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   UK Power Networks
Department:   None
NIA_UKPN0008 P Business Models Enhancement (BME)
NIA_UKPN0009 P Composite Shell Joint Retrofit Trial
NIA_UKPN0002 P Directional Earth Fault Passage Indicator Trial
NIA_UKPN0004 P Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe (FREVUE)
NIA_UKPN0020 P Mobile Asset Assessment Vehicle (MAAV)
NIA_UKPN0010 P Vertical Transition Straight Joints Innovative Inspection
NIA_SGN0035 O Beyond Visual Line of Sight Aerial Inspection Vehicle
NIA_NPG_009 O Development of Oil-filled Cable Additive
NIA_UKPN0021 O Domestic Energy Storage & Control
NIA_UKPN0022 O Global Earthing Systems (GES)
NIA_UKPN0023 O Harmonic Effect on Network Assets (HENA)
NIA_WPD_008 O Improved Statistical Ratings for Distribution Overhead Lines
NIA_WWU_023 O Lead Crystal Battery Assessment
NIA_SSEPD_0026 O Management of plug-in vehicle uptake on distribution networks
NIA_UKPN0025 O Overhead Line Assessments Using Panoramic Images
NIA_UKPN0001 O Power Transformer Real Time Thermal Rating
ETI-EN1009 O Pre-Saturated Core Fault Current Limiter
NIA_UKPN0012 O Pressurised Cable Active Control and Monitoring
NIA_NGN_142 O Project Concur
NIA_NGET0100 O Reactive Power Exchange Application Capability Transfer (REACT)
NIA_ENWL003 O Review of Engineering Recommendation P2/6
NIA_UKPN0016 O RoadMender reinstatement trial
NIA_UKPN0011 O Small Bore Cable Replacement Technology
NIA_NGET0154 O Smart Grid Forum Work Stream 7
NIA_UKPN0003 O Smart Urban Low Voltage Network
NIA_UKPN0014 O Solid Cable Replacement Prioritisation
NIA_UKPN0006 O The Prediction of Weather-Related Faults
NIA_NGET0088 O Transformer Research Consortium
NIA_UKPN0015 O Tunnel Data Capture Enhancement
NIA_SSEPD_0004 O Ultrapole
NIA_UKPN0013 O Underground HV Cable Research
EP/S003088/1 I AGILE - Aggregators as diGital Intermediaries in Local Electricity markets: EPSRC/ESC Follow on Funding
EP/N001745/1 I Consortium for Modelling and Analysis of Decentralised Energy Storage (C-MADEnS)
EP/L015471/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Power Networks and Smart Grids
EP/L016141/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Power Networks at The University of Manchester
EP/K002252/1 I Energy Storage for Low Carbon Grids
EP/L001039/1 I Grid Economics, Planning and Business Models for Smart Electric Mobility
EP/K006274/1 I Integrated Operation and Planning for Smart Electric Distribution Networks (OPEN)
EP/P003605/1 I Joint UK-India Clean Energy Centre (JUICE)
EP/N017064/1 I MISTRAL: Multi-scale Infrastructure Systems Analytics
EP/T023031/1 I Network headroom, engineering upgrades and public acceptance (NEUPA): Connecting engineering for heat system change to consumers and citizens
EP/K036327/1 I Reconfigurable Distribution Networks
EP/T021713/1 I Resilient Operation of Sustainable Energy Systems (ROSES)
EP/L019469/1 I SUPERGEN Energy Storage Hub
EP/S001778/1 I Street2Grid - An Electricity Blockchain Platform for P2P Energy Trading
EP/S001778/2 I Street2Grid - An Electricity Blockchain Platform for P2P Energy Trading
EP/S00078X/1 I Supergen Energy Networks hub 2018
EP/S00078X/2 I Supergen Energy Networks hub 2018
EP/T021780/1 I Technology Transformation to Support Flexible and Resilient Local Energy Systems
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
Project List Summary
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Funded Started Completed Total £ Value   Total Project
£ Value
0 6 44 50 2,396,373   72,805,854