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Projects: Projects for Investigator
Name:   Professor C (Colin ) Snape
Organisation:   University of Nottingham
Department:   Chemical and Environmental Engineering
EP/L020777/1 P CO2 Post-Combustion Capture Using Amine Impregnated Synthetic Zeolites
2002-6-38-1-1 P Developing effective absorbent technology for the capture of CO2 in fossil fuel-fired power plant
NE/C507002/1 P Developing hydropyrolysis and allied innovative high-pressure techniques for applications in oil exploration and detection of steroid abuse.
NER/T/S/2001/01153 P Developing hydropyrolysis to generate molecular biomarker signals for solving key problems in oil exploration where conventional biomarker approaches fail.
DTI/CC/231 P Development of Nitrogen Stable Isotope Ratio Measurements to Apportion Fuel and Thermal NOx in Coal Combustion
EP/L016362/1 P EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Carbon Capture and Storage and Cleaner Fossil Energy
EP/G037345/1 P Efficient Power from Fossil Energy and Carbon Capture Technologies (EPFECCT)
NER/T/S/2000/01366 P Establishing the potential of hydropyrolysis to provide reliable molecular fingerprints for biodegraded crude oils and contaminated sediment cores...
EP/G063176/1 P Innovative Adsorbent Materials and Processes for Integrated Carbon Capture and Multi-pollutant Control for Fossil Fuel Power Generation
DT/E00525X/1 P Optimisation of CO2 Separation and H2 Combustion for Near-zero Powerplant Emissions
DT/E00511X/1 P Oxycoal UK
EP/I036494/1 P The Network for the Centres of Doctoral Training (CDTs) in Energy
EP/I010955/1 P The Next Generation of Activated Carbon Adsorbents for the Pre-Combustion Capture of CO2
NE/C516495/1 P The UK Carbon Capture and Storage Consortium.
EP/K003941/1 O Building Global Engagements at the University of Nottingham
EP/J020745/1 O Effective Adsorbents for Establishing Solids Looping as a Next Generation NG PCC Technology
EP/K021095/1 O Flexible and Efficient Power Plant: Flex-E-Plant
EP/I010912/1 O Multi-scale evaluation of advanced technologies for capturing the CO2: chemical looping applied to solid fuels.
EP/R001308/1 O Multi-stimuli Responsive Smart Hydrogels for Energy-Efficient CO2 capture
EP/G062153/1 O Oxyfuel Combustion - Academic Programme for the UK
EP/J000361/1 O Rural Hybrid Energy Enterprise Systems
EP/G061785/1 O Step Change Adsorbents and Processes for CO2 Capture.
EP/P026214/1 O UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre 2017 (UKCCSRC 2017)
EP/K000446/1 O UKCCSRC - The United Kingdom Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre
EP/K000446/2 O UKCCSRC - The United Kingdom Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre
EP/M01536X/1 O Ultra-Supercritical (USC) steam power generation technology with Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB): Combustion, Materials and Modelling (USC-CFB-CMM)
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
Project List Summary
for Professor C (Colin ) Snape
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0 1 25 26 13,284,646   44,763,718