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Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   Babcock International Group plc
Department:   None
DTI/CC/206 O Advanced Characterisation Property Database for Chinese and Indian and Other Asian Coals.
DTI/CC/207 O Advanced Near Burner Flame Diagnostics for Ignition and Stability Studies on Full -Scale Pulverised Coal Flames.
ETI-BIO-2 O Biomass to Power with Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) Flexible Research
DTI/CC/226 O Carbon Burnout - Coal Fineness effects
2002-6-38-1-1 O Developing effective absorbent technology for the capture of CO2 in fossil fuel-fired power plant
DTI/CC/231 O Development of Nitrogen Stable Isotope Ratio Measurements to Apportion Fuel and Thermal NOx in Coal Combustion
DTI/CC/225 O FOURCRACK Development of Advanced Coal-Fired Plant Steels to Avoid Premature Failure by Weld
DTI/CC/304 O Fireside Corrosion of Boiler Tube Materials - Effects of Co-Firing Biomass
DTI/CC/406 O Impact of CO2 Removal from Coal Gasification Based Fuel Plants
DTI/CC/139 O Improvement in Combustion Efficiency in Utility Boilers
DTI/CC/109 O Novel Hot Gas Cleaning/Heat Recovery System
DTI/CC/127 O Proposal for Advanced Coal Modelling
ETI-BI2001 O Techno-Economic Study of Biomass to Power with CCS (TESBIC)
DTI/CC/208 O UK Collaboration with Netherlands and Australian NOx Reduction Research Using Overfire Air Staging.
DTI/CC/9999 O Virtual plant demonstration model basic framework
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
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