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Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   Wales and West Utilities
Department:   None
NIA_WWU_040 P >7 bar Permanent Leak Repair Clamps
NIA_WWU_032 P Assessment and bench marking of low carbon heating technologies
NIA_WWU_018 P Asset Health Modelling (Pipelines, Special Crossings, Block Valves)
NIA_WWU_024 P Bridgend Future Modelling
NIA_WWU_026 P Bridgend Future Modelling - Phase 2 - Willingness to Pay
NIA_WWU_028 P Bridgend Future Modelling - Phase 3 - Required Policy Changes
NIA_WWU_035 P Climate Change Impact Mapping
NIA_WWU_031 P Cornwall Energy Island
NIA_WWU_033 P Development of a Risk Based Approach for Safe Control of Operations
NIA_WWU_013 P Ductile Iron Window Cutter Tool
NIA_WWU_037 P Feasibility study - Small Unmanned Aerial Systems
NIA_WWU_041 P Flexible Energy Model
NIA_WWU_038 P Flexible biomethane production using carboxylic acids
NIA_WWU_036 P GPS Enabled Video in Route-Walk Surveys
NIA_WWU_039 P Higher chain alkane gases from Anaerobic Digestion
NIA_WWU_034 P Leakage Sealant Standards
NIA_WWU_011 P Long term demand forecasting for peak days
NIA_WWU_027 P Orbis Oxifree (TM198) Corrosion Coating
NIA_WWU_042 P Portable gas Reading Equipment (PRE)
NIA_WWU_030 P Project Blackout
NIA_NGGD0072 P Project Futurewave - Phase 3 (Pilot)
NIA_WWU_029 P Rapid Steel Pipe Cutter
NIA_WWU_021 P SMART Pressure Sensor device
NIA_WWU_020 P Smarter Network Control
NIA_WWU_010 P Soil & Groundwater Remediation Technologies for Gasworks and Gasholders Sites
NIA_WWU_016 P Treatment & Re-use of Gasholder Sludge
NIA_SGN0044 O Acoustek
NIA_NGN_119 O Alternative ECV Exchange Kit
NIA_WWU_043 O Alternative PE joint preparation
NIA_WWU0006 O Asset Health & Criticality Modelling
NIA_WWU_006 O Asset Health & Criticality Modelling
NIA_NGN_118 O CO2 Capture through mineralisation
NIA_NGGD0014 O Cast Iron Fitness For Purpose (CIFFP)
NIA_NGGD0094 O Composite Repairs to Complex Shapes
NIA_SGN0023 O Cured In-Place Pipe (CIPP) (Stage 2)
NIA_SGN0026 O Customer Self Isolation and Restoration (Stage 2)
NIA_NGGD0007 O Development of DANINT FWAVC software for New Gas Chromatograph
NIA_NGGD0055 O Development of Gas Industry Specification for Polymeric Pipe Lining Systems for Multi-Occupancy Buil
NIA_WWU_001 O Diurnal Storage (Phase 2)
NIA_SGN0094 O Energy Map and Plan
NIA_WWU_022 O Gas CHP Impact Study
NIA_NGN_114 O H21 Leeds Citygate
NIA_NGGD0087 O I-0052 Optomole Phase 4
NIA_SGN0107 O IGEM Gas Quality Standard Working Group
NIA_CAD0002 O Impact of Biomethane on Gas Networks.
NIA_NGGD0059 O Impact of Distributed Gas Sources on the GB Gas Network
NIA_NGGD0032 O Intelligent CO Monitors
NIA_NGGD0008 O Internal Stress Corrosion Cracking (ISCC) Assessment Work
NIA_WWU_009 O Investment Prioritisation in Distribution Systems
NIA_WWU_003 O Iron Mains Condition Assessment System
NIA_WWU_017 O Iron Mains Condition Assessment System Phase 3
NIA_WWU_007 O Iron Mains Condition Assessment System Phase 3a
NIA_WWU_023 O Lead Crystal Battery Assessment
NIA_NGGD0033 O Multi-Occupancy Building CIP (HTC Serline)
NIA_NGGD0035 O Multi-Occupancy Building Cured In Place Lining (Nu Flow)
NIA_NGGD0056 O Network Outperformance Measure Risk Trading Methodology
NIA_NGGD0068 O Network Outperformance Measure Risk Trading Methodology Stage 2
NIA_NGN_142 O Project Concur
NIA_NGN_090 O Project Futurewave
NIA_WWU_025 O Project Futurewave - Phase 2 (Digital Prototype)
InnUK/132006/01 O Synthetic Methane: Enabling Renewable Energy Storage by Integrating the Electricity and Gas Networks
NIA_NGN_049 O Technologies and strategies to reduce gas leakage expenditure profile
NIA_WWU_005 O Unconventional gases within the onshore gas networks
NIA_WWU_002 O ePipe -Trial internal lining assessment and development of small diameter pipelines.
EP/S022996/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Resilient Decarbonised Fuel Energy Systems
EP/S001492/1 I MaxImiSing flexibility through multi-Scale IntegratiON of energy systems (MISSION)
EP/S00078X/1 I Supergen Energy Networks hub 2018
EP/S00078X/2 I Supergen Energy Networks hub 2018
EP/W035529/1 I UKRI Research Challenges Co-ordinator in Hydrogen and Alternative Liquid Fuels
EP/T022949/1 I Zero-Carbon Emission Integrated Cooling, Heating and Power (ICHP) Networks
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
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0 4 66 70 3,998,610   35,053,782