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Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   National Grid Electricity Transmission
Department:   None
NIA_NGET0102 P 13kV Shunt Reactor Refurbishment
NIA_NGET0051 P 33kV Superconducting Fault Current Limiter
NIA_NGET0080 P 400kV Synthetic Ester Filled Transformer Pilot Project
NIA_NGET0039 P A Combined Approach to Wind Profile Prediction
NIA_NGET0168 P A New Independent Methodology For P&C Coordination Studies Using Real Time Digital Simulation
NIA_NGET0064 P Alternative Bus Bar Protection Solution
NIA_NGET0072 P Alternative Differential Unit Protection for Cable only and Cable & OHL Hybrid Installations
NIA_NGET0199 P Alternatives to SF6 for retro-filling existing equipment
NIA_NGET0060 P Application of DC Circuit Breakers in DC Grids
NIA_NGET0142 P Assessment of Distributed Generation Behaviour during Frequency Disturbances
NIA_NGET0146 P Assessment of Electronic (Analogue and Numeric) Protection Equipment
NIA_NGET0121 P Avoiding Voltage Regulation Action Conflicts. (In conjunction with LCNF project CLASS)
NIA_NGET0159 P Black Start Alternative Approaches
NIA_NGET0117 P Bulk Oil Circuit Breaker Bushing In Situ Refurbishment
NIA_NGET0109 P Bushing and Instrument Transformer Test Tap Connection Condition Assessment Tool
NIA_NGET0090 P Cable Extraction
NIA_NGET0087 P Cable Installation Design & Innovation Project (CIDIP)
NIA_NGET0083 P Cable Oil Regeneration
NIA_NGET0115 P Cable Stripping Truck
NIA_NGET0048 P Cables with Long Electrical Sections
NIA_NGET0181 P Classification of Wind Exposed Overhead line Spans
NIA_NGET0128 P Clustering effects of major offshore wind developments
NIA_NGET0116 P Combustible Gases in Redundant Oil Filled Cables
NIA_NGET0024 P Composite Cross-Arms Study
NIA_NGET0098 P Computer Vision For Cable Tunnels
NIA_NGET0186 P Condition Monitoring of Circuit Breakers - iCASE
NIA_NGET0147 P Condition Monitoring of Power Assets (COMPASS)
NIA_NGET0106 P Control and Protection Challenges In Future Converter Dominated Power Systems
NIA_NGET0113 P Control of Debris and Dust from the Treatment of Grade 4 Tower Steelwork (G4T)
NIA_NGET0211 P Controllable Series Impedance at 275 and 400kV (CSI)
NIA_NGET0198 P Cost effective removal of conductor crossing clearance constraints
NIA_NGET0057 P DC Circuit Breaker Technologies
NIA_NGET0156 P DNO Investigation into Voltage Interaction and Dependency Expectation (DIVIDE)
NIA_NGET0038 P Design of a smart tool for detecting hidden errors in protection setting files
NIA_NGET0194 P Detailed design of 400 kV 240MVA Mobile Substation Bay
NIA_NGET0011 P Detection and Measurement of ACSR Corrosion
NIA_NGET0161 P Detection and control of inter-area oscillations (DACIAO)
NIA_NGET0130 P Determining a threshold for magnetophosphenes perception at 50Hz
NIA_NGET0097 P Development of Dynamic Demand Models in DIgSILENT PowerFactory
NIA_NGET0207 P Development of Tools for the Assessment and Control of Impressed Voltage
NIA_NGET0202 P Development of a Universal Bushing
NIA_NGET0197 P Development of fittings analysis model
NIA_NGET0162 P Digital Substation - Virtual Site Acceptance Testing & Training
NIA_NGET0015 P Dinorwig Thermal Cycling and Cable Rating
NIA_NGET0047 P Dynamic Ratings for improved Operational Performance (DROP)
NIA_NGET0190 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Cyber Security 2016 (P183)
NIA_NGET0180 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Electric & Magnetic Fields Health & Safety (P60) 2016
NIA_NGET0208 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Electric & Magnetic Fields Health & Safety (P60) 2017 -2021
NIA_NGET0171 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Electric and Magnetic Fields Health and Safety
NIA_NGET0124 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Electromagnetic Fields and Radio Frequencies
NIA_NGET0125 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Grid Operations and Control
NIA_NGET0191 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Grid Planning (P 40)
NIA_NGET0127 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Information and Communication Technology.
NIA_NGET0126 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Overhead Circuits.
NIA_NGET0196 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Overhead Lines 2016 (P35)
NIA_NGET0158 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Overhead Transmission Lines Project
NIA_NGET0173 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Overhead Transmission Lines Project
NIA_NGET0123 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Substations
NIA_NGET0157 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Substations
NIA_NGET0172 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Substations
NIA_NGET0210 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Substations (P37) 2017 - 2020
NIA_NGET0195 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Substations 2016 (P37)
NIA_NGET0150 P EPRI Research Collaboration on Underground Transmission
NIA_NGET0110 P Electricity Demand Archetype Model 2
NIA_NGET0055 P Electromagnetic transients (EMT) in future power systems - Phenomena, stresses & modelling
NIA_NGET0174 P Embedded cyber risks within the procurement process
NIA_NGET0112 P Enhanced AC and DC safety voltage limits assessment
NIA_NGET0135 P Enhanced Sensor Development (ICASE Award)
NIA_NGET0105 P Enhanced Weather Modelling for Dynamic Line rating (DLR)
NIA_NGET0178 P Environmental Containment solutions for Midel 7131
NIA_NGET0164 P Evaluation of a Novel Variant of ACCC HTLS Conductor
NIA_NGET0120 P Evolution of Energy Storage and Demand Management Services.
NIA_NGET0111 P Facilitating Enhanced Network Capacity Evaluation
NIA_NGET0025 P Feasibility Study for Sustainable Substation Design
NIA_NGET0160 P Feasibility of Risk based Network Planning
NIA_NGET0182 P Feasibility study on suitability of protection policy for future energy scenarios
NIA_NGET0176 P Feasibility study on the application of advanced materials
NIA_NGET0034 P Fibre-optic Acoustic Monitoring
NIA_NGET0046 P Flexible rating options for DC operation
NIA_NGET0204 P Frequency Response Analysis for Transformer Characterisation and Objective Interpretation of Results
NIA_NGET0138 P Frequency sensitive electric vehicle and heat pump power consumption
NIA_NGSO0002 P GB Non-renewable Embedded Generation Forecasting Study
NIA_NGET0134 P Granular Voltage Control (GVC)
NIA_NGET0042 P HVDC EngD - Richard Poole
NIA_SHET_0008 P HVDC Nanocomposite Insulation
NIA_NGET0056 P Humber Smartzone Pilot Project
NIA_NGET0122 P Identification and Mitigation of Large Equipment Transport Issues
NIA_NGET0184 P Identify opportunities and developments in EMF Research (2016-2018)
NIA_NGET0133 P Identifying Opportunities and Developments in Electric and Magnetic Fields Research
NIA_NGET0091 P Impact Assessment of Seismic Analysis on Electricity Towers and Substation Equipment / Structures
NIA_NGET0089 P Impact of HVDC Cable Operation on Telecommunication Lines
NIA_NGET0136 P Impact of Seabed Properties on Ampacity and Reliability of Cables (ICASE Award)
NIA_NGET0028 P Impact of extreme events on power production at the scale of a single wind-farm
NIA_NGET0175 P Improving cyber security culture within operational areas
NIA_NGET0108 P Incident Investigation Review
NIA_NGET0012 P Induced voltages and currents on transmission overhead lines under NSI 4 working practices
NIA_NGET0114 P Industrial and Commercial Gas & Electric Scenario Modeling
NIA_NGET0144 P Integrated electricity and gas transmission network operating model (ICASE Award)
NIA_NGET0149 P Investigation of Aeolian Insulator Noise
NIA_NGET0129 P Investigation of sub-synchronous between wind turbine generators and series capacitors
NIA_NGET0185 P Investigation of transient and safety issues in gas insulated systems
NIA_NGET0153 P Life Cycle Costing and Value Optimisation (ICase Award)
NIA_NGET0043 P Live Line Working Equipment
NIA_NGET0054 P Load cycling and radial flow in mass impregnated HVDC Submarine cables
NIA_NGET0035 P Long Term Performance of Silicon Based Composite Insulators
NIA_NGET0040 P Magnetic Models for Transformers
NIA_NGET0020 P Modelling of Embedded Generation within Distribution Networks and Assessing the Impact
NIA_NGET0103 P Modelling the tape corrosion process for oil-filled underground cables
NIA_NGET0045 P Multi-terminal VSC HVDC operation, control and ac system integration
NIA_NGET0148 P Network Reliability Asset Replacement Decision Support Tool
NIA_NGET0137 P Noise Assessment of ACCR Conductor
NIA_NGET0203 P Novel acoustic attenuation feasibility study
NIA_NGET0206 P Novel methodology for assessing environmental exposure of OHL routes
NIA_NGET0140 P OHL Condition Assessment
NIA_NGET0017 P Oil/Paper Insulation HVDC Performance
NIA_NGET0093 P Online Gas in Oil Analysis on Existing HV Cables
NIA_NGET0155 P Open Source Interconnector Modelling: Phase 1
NIA_NGSO0001 P Optimisation of Energy Forecasting - analysis of datasets of metered embedded wind and PV generation
NIA_NGET0084 P Optimisation of Node Configuration In Offshore Supergrids
NIA_NGET0010 P Optimised Location for Surge Arresters on the Transmission Network
NIA_NGET0029 P Optimising the operation of an integrated DC link within an AC system (ICase Award)
NIA_NGET0170 P PV Monitoring Phase 2
NIA_NGET0139 P PV Monitoring: Phase 1
NIA_NGET0092 P Partial Discharge on Existing HV Cable
NIA_NGET0073 P Partial discharge monitoring of DC cable (DCPD)
NIA_NGET0201 P Portable Earthing Device
NIA_NGET0018 P Potentials and profiles around earth electrodes and opposite-side injection for large-area earthing
NIA_NGET0193 P Project DESERT (hybrid battery and solar enhanced frequency control)
NIA_NGET0119 P Project Samuel - Grid Data and Measurement Systems
NIA_NGET0104 P Proof of Concept for IEC61850 Process Bus Technology
NIA_NGET0059 P Protection and Fault Handling in Offshore HVDC Grids
NIA_NGET0023 P Quantifying benefits and risks of applying advanced network control and demand response technologies
NIA_NGET0079 P Rapid Deployment Ballistic Screens
NIA_NGET0082 P Rating Impact of Non-isothermal Ground Surface (RINGS)
NIA_NGET0019 P Reliability Assessment of System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS)
NIA_NGGT0047 P Resource and asset reuse toolkit
NIA_NGET0074 P SF6 Capture & Leakage Repair
NIA_NGET0163 P SF6 Management and Alternative Gases
NIA_NGET0192 P SIM - Samuel Inertia Element
NIA_NGET0058 P Scalable Computational Tools and Infrastructure for Interoperable and Secure Control of Power System
NIA_NGET0049 P Seconomics - Digital Risk and Cyber Security
NIA_NGET0189 P Security Assessment of Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
NIA_NGET0003 P Simulation of multi-terminal VSC HVDC system by means of Real Time Digital Simulation (RTDS)
NIA_NGET0177 P Solar PV Forecasting Phase 1
NIA_NGET0183 P Solar PV Forecasting Phase 2
NIA_NGET0167 P South East Smart Grids
NIA_NGGT0071 P Spatial district heating analysis and impact on gas and power demand
NIA_NGET0107 P Stakeholder attitudes to electricity infrastructure
NIA_NGET0200 P Study into the Concept of High Impact, Low Probability Events
NIA_NGET0141 P T-pylon Structure and Composite Insulator Testing
NIA_NGET0013 P Tablet interface for a SF6 mass flow top-up device
NIA_NGET0075 P Temporary Oil Containment
NIA_NGET0099 P Thermal Efficiency Trials
NIA_NGET0036 P ThermoMechanical Forces in XLPE Cable
NIA_NGET0014 P Transformer & System Reliability
NIA_NGET0044 P Transformer Oil Passivation and Impact of Corrosive Sulphur (TOPICS)
NIA_NGET0165 P Transformer Rating Modelling Tool Enhancement
NIA_NGET0088 P Transformer Research Consortium
NIA_NGET0187 P Transient Voltage Stability of Inverter Dominated Grids and Options to Improve Stability
NIA_NGET0143 P Transient and Clearances in the Future Electrical Transmission Systems (ICASE Award)
NIA_NGET0169 P Transmission Network Topology Optimisation
NIA_NGET0179 P Travelling Wave Fault Locator Trial
NIA_NGET0067 P Trial & Performance Assessment of ACCR Conductor (3M)
NIA_NGET0085 P UK Regional Wind: Extreme behaviour and predictability
NIA_NGET0016 P UK-wide wind power: Extreme and Variability
NIA_NGET0132 P UltraWire
NIA_NGET0118 P Understand and Improving Condition, Performance, and Life Expectancy of Substation Assets
NIA_NGET0166 P VSC-HVDC Model Validation and Improvement (iCASE)
NIA_NGET0205 P Vector Shift Initial Performance Assessment
NIA_NGET0095 P Visualization of Renewable Energy Models
NIA_NGET0065 P Voltage Optimiser Pilot
NIA_NGET0188 P WI-POD- Wind turbine control Interaction with Power Oscillation Damping control approaches.
NIA_NGET0033 P Wireless Condition Monitoring Sensors with Integrated Diagnostics
NIA_NGET0131 P iTesla
NIA_NGET0100 O Reactive Power Exchange Application Capability Transfer (REACT)
NIA_ENWL003 O Review of Engineering Recommendation P2/6
NIA_NGET0154 O Smart Grid Forum Work Stream 7
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
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