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Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   Northern Gas Networks
Department:   None
NIA_SGN0044 P Acoustek
NIA_NGN_119 P Alternative ECV Exchange Kit
NIA_WWU_043 P Alternative PE joint preparation
NIA_NGN_157 P Analytical Approaches to Asset Management
NIA_WWU0006 P Asset Health & Criticality Modelling
NIA_NGN_180 P Back Blade Protector
NIA_NGN_046 P Biomethane Connection Guidelines
NIA_NGN_133 P CNG Vehicle Trial
NIA_NGN_118 P CO2 Capture through mineralisation
NIA_NGN_014 P Carbon Monoxide Gascoseeker
NIA_NGN_198 P Clean to Green
NIA_NGN_024 P Combined Accurate Detection with Minimal Excavation
NIA_NGN_195 P Connecting homes for health
NIA_NGN_173 P Core and Vac Drilling machine Anchorage
NIA_NGN_171 P Digital MPRS Solution
NIA_NGN_188 P Digital Pressure Test Alert
NIA_WWU_022 P Gas CHP Impact Study
NIA_NGN_109 P Gas Detection Dogs
NIA_NGN_076 P Gas Infrastructure Serviceability Performance Assessment
NIA_NGN_055 P Gas PTii
NIA_NGN_135 P Gas to the Future
NIA_NGN_078 P Guided Wave Non Destructive Testing Inspection of Mains Pipelines
NIA_NGN_114 P H21 Leeds Citygate
NIA_NGN_190 P Health and Safety Monitor
NIA_NGN_186 P Highly Portable GPR
NIA_NGN_162 P Hystart
NIA_NGN_070 P Improving Customer Operations by 24 hour site Safety Monitoring
NIA_NGN_208 P IntEGReL Phase 1
NIA_WWU_023 P Lead Crystal Battery Assessment
NIA_NGN_079 P Low Carbon Energy Solutions
NIA_NGN_112 P Low Carbon Garbage Collection - City Blue Print
NIA_NGN_202 P MRPS Digital Map-Based Data Capture and Mobile GIS
NIA_NGN_163 P Making every contact count - Enhancing protocols for disconnection and condemning in-house appliances
NIA_NGN_080 P Management of wastewater
NIA_NGN_066 P Off-Take Reform / Alarm & Demand Management
NIA_NGN_177 P Offtake Optimisation
NIA_NGN_170 P Paw Patrol (Gas Detection Dogs - Phase 2)
NIA_NGN_191 P Practical Solution for Overbuilds
NIA_NGN_030 P Predictive Analytics
NIA_NGN_120 P Predictive Analytics Part Two
NIA_NGN_090 P Project Futurewave
NIA_NGN_081 P Provision of Temporary Gas Supplies
NIA_NGN_167 P Re-Defining Failure
NIA_NGN_179 P Remote ECV Isolation
NIA_NGN_45 P Remote Water Removal System
NIA_NGN_184 P Remote circumferential pipe cleaning tool
NIA_NGN_034 P Renewable Technology Used for Pre-Heating Feasibility Study
NIA_NGN_040 P Research into sustainable energy and relieving fuel poverty in Multi Storey Buildings
NIA_NGN_166 P Risk Assessment for Overbuilds
NIA_NGN_100 P Service Water Extraction
NIA_NGN_077 P Specification Risk Prioritisation
NIA_NGN_011 P Study of proposed sources and quantities of Biomethane to Grid
NIA_NGN_140 P Subline Structural
NIA_NGN_068 P Sustainable Multi Storey Communities
NIA_NGN_169 P Syphon Design for Polyethylene Networks
NIA_NGN_189 P Syphon Waste Water Remediation
NIA_NGN_205 P System Two Assess and Seal System (STASS)
NIA_NGN_110 P T Shale - Part One (scenarios)
NIA_NGN_111 P T-Shale Part Two (Summer Flow Modelling)
NIA_NGN_049 P Technologies and strategies to reduce gas leakage expenditure profile
NIA_NGN_192 P Tier 2 Foam bags
NIA_NGN_088 P Total stub end abandonment
NIA_NGN_153 P Traceability
NIA_NGN_057 P Tyne Tunnel guided wave trial
NIA_NGN_042 P Visual & Acoustic Leakage Detection
NIA_NGN_168 P Water Ingress Investigation
NIA_NGN_213 P iStop
NIA_WWU_006 O Asset Health & Criticality Modelling
NIA_SGN0035 O Beyond Visual Line of Sight Aerial Inspection Vehicle
NIA_NGGD0014 O Cast Iron Fitness For Purpose (CIFFP)
NIA_NGGD0094 O Composite Repairs to Complex Shapes
NIA_SGN0023 O Cured In-Place Pipe (CIPP) (Stage 2)
NIA_SGN0026 O Customer Self Isolation and Restoration (Stage 2)
NIA_NGGD0007 O Development of DANINT FWAVC software for New Gas Chromatograph
NIA_NGGD0055 O Development of Gas Industry Specification for Polymeric Pipe Lining Systems for Multi-Occupancy Buil
NIA_NGGD0041 O Development of Specification for PE Repair Systems
NIA_WWU_001 O Diurnal Storage (Phase 2)
NIA_SGN0094 O Energy Map and Plan
NIA_NGN_0035 O Fracture Monitoring Using Acoustics
NIA_NGN_206 O H21 - Alternative hydrogen production and Network storage technologies
NIA_NGN_210 O H21 - Keighley and Spadeadam designs
NIA_NGN_204 O H21 - Strategic Modelling, Major Urban Centers
NIA_NGN_207 O H21 -Domestic and Commercial Metering
NIA_NGGD0087 O I-0052 Optomole Phase 4
NIA_SGN0107 O IGEM Gas Quality Standard Working Group
NIA_CAD0002 O Impact of Biomethane on Gas Networks.
NIA_NGGD0032 O Intelligent CO Monitors
NIA_NGGD0008 O Internal Stress Corrosion Cracking (ISCC) Assessment Work
NIA_WWU_009 O Investment Prioritisation in Distribution Systems
NIA_WWU_034 O Leakage Sealant Standards
NIA_NPG_013 O Measuring the Societal Impact of Network Activities
NIA_NGGD0033 O Multi-Occupancy Building CIP (HTC Serline)
NIA_NGGD0035 O Multi-Occupancy Building Cured In Place Lining (Nu Flow)
NIA_NGGD0056 O Network Outperformance Measure Risk Trading Methodology
NIA_NGGD0068 O Network Outperformance Measure Risk Trading Methodology Stage 2
NIA_SGN0006 O Optomole
NIA_NGGD0009 O Orifice Plate Deformation
NIA_NGN_142 O Project Concur
NIA_WWU_025 O Project Futurewave - Phase 2 (Digital Prototype)
NIA_NGGD0072 O Project Futurewave - Phase 3 (Pilot)
NIA_NGGD0051 O Review of the FWACV Billing Regime
NIA_NGGD0039 O Siloxane Impact Study
NIA_WWU_005 O Unconventional gases within the onshore gas networks
NIA_WWU_002 O ePipe -Trial internal lining assessment and development of small diameter pipelines.
EP/R041970/1 I A Zero-Emission Closed-loop linear-Joule CYcle (ZECCY) engine generator
EP/R041970/2 I A Zero-Emission Closed-loop linear-Joule CYcle (ZECCY) engine generator
EP/P001173/1 I Centre for Energy Systems Integration
EP/R024197/1 I Co-creating visions and pathways for integrated urban heat systems
EP/W035502/1 I Co-ordinator for Systems Integration, Centre for System Integration of Hydrogen and Alternative Liquid Fuels (CSI-HALF)
EP/S032002/1 I DecarboN8 - An integrated network to decarbonise transport
EP/S023909/1 I EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Hydrogen - SusHy
EP/V027050/1 I Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC)
EP/R00076X/1 I NWaste2H2- H2 Production by Reforming Bio-methane with Nitrogen Rich Waste Streams
EP/S00078X/1 I Supergen Energy Networks hub 2018
EP/S00078X/2 I Supergen Energy Networks hub 2018
EP/S032622/1 I Supergen Storage Network Plus 2019
EP/P00203X/1 I Urban Living Partnership - Newcastle and Gateshead City Region
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
Project List Summary
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Funded Started Completed Total £ Value   Total Project
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0 7 110 117 10,460,916   71,490,285