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Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   SGN
Department:   None
NIA_SGN0105 P 100% Hydrogen
NIA_SGN0061 P 40mm Serviflex
NIA_SGN0040 P Acoustic Communications in Gas Mains
NIA_SGN0064 P Advanced Gas Detection
NIA_SGN_0064 P Advanced Gas Detection
NIA_SGN0088 P Advanced Mini Bag Kit
NIA_SGN0057 P Aerosol Sealant - Stage 1A - Initial Development
NIA_SGN0079 P Automated Pressure Tester
NIA_SGN0082 P Automated Regulator Maintenance (ARM) (Phase 1)
NIA_SGN0048 P Bar Hole Zone Rating (Stage 1)
NIA_SGN0029 P Bond and Bolt Saddle System
NIA_SGN0075 P Combined Fuel Cell - Heat Pump Research Study
NIA_SGN0052 P Core Drilling and Flow Stop, WASK
NIA_SGN0005 P Corrosion Mapping System for Buried "Orpheus" Regulator Modules
NIA_SGN0073 P Corrosion Mapping System for Buried Orpheus Regulator Modules - Phase 2
NIA_SGN0046 P Cotter Plate Identification and Remediation (Stage 1)
NIA_SGN0023 P Cured In-Place Pipe (CIPP) (Stage 2)
NIA_SGN0094 P Energy Map and Plan
NIA_SGN0112 P Forged Carbon Fiber Products (FCFP) - Stage 1
NIA_SGN0028 P Gas Eco (GECO) Gas Pump
NIA_SGN0058 P Gas Polymerisation - Proof of Concept
NIA_SGN0080 P Gas Polymerisation - Stage 2 - Engineering Development
NIA_SGN0047 P Gas Risk in No Access Properties
NIA_SGN0069 P GasLight Q field portable nondestructive PE material analyzer
NIA_SGN0107 P IGEM Gas Quality Standard Working Group
NIA_SGN0002 P Immersion Tube Preheating
NIA_CAD0002 P Impact of Biomethane on Gas Networks.
NIA_SGN0091 P Incident Management (Stage 1)
NIA_SGN0081 P Interruption Solutions - Live ECV, Meter, and Service Replacement (Stage 1)
NIA_SGN0111 P Ironclad (Component Prototype Phase - Graphitisation Stage 2)
NIA_SGN0019 P Large CISBOT (Cast Iron Joint Sealing Robot)
NIA_SGN0033 P Long handled PE Top Tee Cutter
NIA_SGN0070 P Magnetic Filtration in Medium to Low Pressure Networks
NIA_SGN0056 P Mains and Service Replacement through Keyhole
NIA_SGN0018 P Microstop
NIA_SGN0020 P Novel Pressure Reduction Station (Stage 1)
NIA_SGN0051 P Olympic Rings for RIIO
NIA_SGN0037 P Oscillating Energy Harvester (Phase 2)
NIA_SGN0021 P Osprey Pressure Validator
NIA_SGN0098 P Oxford Flow Optimised Pressure Reducing Station
NIA_SGN0068 P PE Bodied Valves
NIA_SGN0097 P PE Flowstop (up to 10bar(g))
NIA_SGN0095 P PhotonFix (Seeker Particles - Stage 3)
NIA_SGN0092 P Pit Protect
NIA_SGN0015 P Pneumatic PE Pushing Machine
NIA_SGN0017 P Portable "Gas In Ducts" Sample System
NIA_SGN0024 P RCA GPS Survey
NIA_SGN0066 P Real-Time Networks Feasibility Study
NIA_SGN0110 P Remote Site Monitoring Device
NIA_SGN0089 P Robotic Roadworks (Stage 1)
NIA_SGN0104 P Robotic Roadworks System (RRS) - Stage 2
NIA_SGN0012 P Seeker Particles
NIA_SGN0050 P Seeker Particles (Stage 2)
NIA_SGN0030 P Self-Amalgamating Tape (Stage 2)
NIA_SGN0083 P Self-Amalgamating Tape (Stage 3)
NIA_SGN0093 P Small Diameter PE Flowstop
NIA_SGN0022 P Small Pressure Pot
NIA_SGN0067 P Smart Paints and Coating Systems
NIA_SGN0077 P Solutions to Pipeline Graphitisation and Corrosion - Stage 1 - Concept Development
NIA_SGN0016 P Starline/Marwin Valve Bolt Replacement
NIA_SGN0031 P Stent Bag
NIA_SGN0106 P Strategic Pipeline Heat Study
NIA_SGN0072 P SynthoScope
NIA_SGN0003 P SynthoTrax I-Seal Robot (Technical Feasibility Study)
NIA_SGN0001 P Synthotech Service Relay Initiative
NIA_SGN0014 P Tornado Max
NIA_SGN0078 P Utilisation of the Modular NIC Robotics Platform for Service Line Rehabilitation
NIA_SGN0027 P Water Extraction Reel & Y Branch
NIA_SGN0053 P Wireless Instrumentation Field Trial
NIA_SGN0044 O Acoustek
NIA_WWU0006 O Asset Health & Criticality Modelling
NIA_WWU_006 O Asset Health & Criticality Modelling
NIA_SGN0035 O Beyond Visual Line of Sight Aerial Inspection Vehicle
NIA_NGGD0014 O Cast Iron Fitness For Purpose (CIFFP)
NIA_NGGD0094 O Composite Repairs to Complex Shapes
NIA_SGN0086 O Cured In-Place Pipe (CIPP) (Stage 3)
NIA_SGN0026 O Customer Self Isolation and Restoration (Stage 2)
NIA_NGGD0007 O Development of DANINT FWAVC software for New Gas Chromatograph
NIA_NGGD0055 O Development of Gas Industry Specification for Polymeric Pipe Lining Systems for Multi-Occupancy Buil
NIA_NGGD0041 O Development of Specification for PE Repair Systems
NIA_WWU_001 O Diurnal Storage (Phase 2)
NIA_NGN_0035 O Fracture Monitoring Using Acoustics
NIA_NGGD0059 O Impact of Distributed Gas Sources on the GB Gas Network
NIA_NGGD0008 O Internal Stress Corrosion Cracking (ISCC) Assessment Work
NIA_WWU_009 O Investment Prioritisation in Distribution Systems
NIA_WWU_023 O Lead Crystal Battery Assessment
NIA_WWU_034 O Leakage Sealant Standards
NIA_NGGD0068 O Network Outperformance Measure Risk Trading Methodology Stage 2
NIA_SGN0006 O Optomole
NIA_NGGD0009 O Orifice Plate Deformation
NIA_NGGD0010 O PE Asset Life Research
NIA_NGN_090 O Project Futurewave
NIA_WWU_025 O Project Futurewave - Phase 2 (Digital Prototype)
NIA_NGGD0039 O Siloxane Impact Study
NIA_WWU_005 O Unconventional gases within the onshore gas networks
NIA_WWU_002 O ePipe -Trial internal lining assessment and development of small diameter pipelines.
EP/S027815/1 I HyStorPor - Hydrogen Storage in Porous Media
EP/L018284/1 I Hydrogen's value in the energy system (HYVE)
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
Project List Summary
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Funded Started Completed Total £ Value   Total Project
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0 1 97 98 22,833,800   37,213,821