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Projects: Projects for Investigator
Name:   Project Contact
Organisation:   University of Leeds
Department:   None
UG224 P Vehicle market model (VMM): New car purchasing decisions
S0031/T4 P Vehicle market model (VMM): Update 2000
ETI-BIO-2 O Biomass to Power with Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) Flexible Research
InnUK/131844/01 O Driving down the cost of waste derived sugar
DTI/CC/139 O Improvement in Combustion Efficiency in Utility Boilers
ETI-TR1003 O PIVEI: Large Scale Consumer Trial S1 SP3 - Economics and Carbon Benefits
DTI/CC/315 O Real Time Efficiency Measurements for Utility Boilers
ETI-BI2001 O Techno-Economic Study of Biomass to Power with CCS (TESBIC)
InnUK/113051/01 O TiPOW (Titanium Powder for Net-shape Component Manufacture)
EP/N017374/1 I Critical Analysis of Spent Fuel Structure in Radionuclide Release
EP/W029731/1 I Firedrake: high performance, high productivity simulation for the continuum mechanics community.
EP/V000055/1 I Metal Atoms on Surfaces & Interfaces (MASI) for Sustainable Future
EP/V043730/1 I New Fuel Assemblies for Advanced Nuclear Technologies
EP/K011669/1 I Quantifying the Human Induced Ventilation of Buildings
EP/V035886/1 I RadIAEM:Analytical Electron Microscope with in situ capability for beta, gamma active materials
EP/S00078X/1 I Supergen Energy Networks hub 2018
EP/S00078X/2 I Supergen Energy Networks hub 2018
EP/K039377/1 I SusTEM Network: Sustainhermal Energy Management Network
EP/S029575/1 I UK Energy Research Centre Phase 4
EP/K011774/1 I UK Indemand: a National Research Centre for reducing Industrial Energy and Material use in supplying UK needs
P: Principal Investigator    O: Other Investigator    R: Recognised Researcher    I: Industrial Collaborator   
Project List Summary
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Funded Started Completed Total £ Value   Total Project
£ Value
0 4 16 20 539,455   51,809,858