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Reference Number EP/E038875/1
Title Thermal Energy Conversion, Conservation and Storage (TECCS) Network
Status Completed
Energy Categories Energy Efficiency(Residential and commercial) 60%;
Other Power and Storage Technologies(Energy storage) 20%;
Energy Efficiency(Industry) 20%;
Research Types Basic and strategic applied research 75%;
Applied Research and Development 25%;
Science and Technology Fields ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) 25%;
ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering) 75%;
UKERC Cross Cutting Characterisation Not Cross-cutting 80%;
Sociological economical and environmental impact of energy (Environmental dimensions) 10%;
Sociological economical and environmental impact of energy (Consumer attitudes and behaviour) 10%;
Principal Investigator Professor RE Critoph
No email address given
School of Engineering
University of Warwick
Award Type Standard
Funding Source EPSRC
Start Date 27 April 2007
End Date 26 April 2009
Duration 24 months
Total Grant Value £129,400
Industrial Sectors No relevance to Underpinning Sectors
Region West Midlands
Programme Process Environment and Sustainability
Investigators Principal Investigator Professor RE Critoph , School of Engineering, University of Warwick (99.999%)
  Other Investigator Professor PC Eames , Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Loughborough University (0.001%)
  Industrial Collaborator Project Contact , University of Bristol (0.000%)
Project Contact , London South Bank University (0.000%)
Project Contact , Brunel University (0.000%)
Project Contact , Functional Fluids Ltd, Japan (0.000%)
Project Contact , Hightex Group plc (0.000%)
Project Contact , Jiangsu Shuangliang Air Conditioning, China (0.000%)
Project Contact , Kanazawa University, Japan (0.000%)
Project Contact , Kyushu University, Japan (0.000%)
Project Contact , Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China (0.000%)
Project Contact , Thermomax Ltd (0.000%)
Project Contact , Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (0.000%)
Project Contact , Chemviron Carbon Ltd (0.000%)
Project Contact , Ciba Speciality Chemicals Plc (0.000%)
Project Contact , Zhejiang University, China (0.000%)
Project Contact , Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan (0.000%)
Web Site
Abstract The Network will link academic researchers and industrial partners in the UK, China and Japan whose common goal is to further the advance of new energy conserving technologies for heating and/or cooling that can make a serious impact on the emissions that lead to global warming. The technologies are diverse but linked; they all involve the 'smart' manipulation of heat flows. They include such possibilities as air conditioning (a major energy consumer worldwide) driven by solar energy or waste heat, the use of advanced techniques for hot or cold storage to reduce demand or improve efficiency of use, etc.By including industrial partners and by having a strong representation from both Japan and China (major and growing users of energy), we intend to accelerate the take-up of these new ideas in the economies where they will have the maximum impact. The Network quite deliberately hosts a range of thermal technologies and seeks synergies between them. In a series of workshops, inaddition to reporting academic research, there will be a strong emphasis on solving the challenges that the industrial partners see as most pressing without any preconceptions as to which technology or combination of technologies will be most appropriate.In addition the network will sponsor medium term (one month) visits between partners in different countries. For younger researchers there will be particular benefits in terms of broadening experience and training as well as the participationin a particular project
Publications (none)
Final Report (none)
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