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Reference Number BBS/E/W/10963A01E
Title Integrative bioinformatics platform, data integration and modelling
Status Completed
Energy Categories Renewable Energy Sources(Bio-Energy, Other bio-energy) 50%;
Not Energy Related 50%;
Research Types Basic and strategic applied research 100%
Science and Technology Fields BIOLOGICAL AND AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES (Biological Sciences) 75%;
PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS (Computer Science and Informatics) 25%;
UKERC Cross Cutting Characterisation Not Cross-cutting 100%
Principal Investigator Dr IS (Iain ) Donnison
No email address given
Aberystwyth University
Award Type Institute Project
Funding Source BBSRC
Start Date 01 April 2012
End Date 31 March 2017
Duration 60 months
Total Grant Value £308,830
Industrial Sectors Transport Systems and Vehicles
Region Wales
Investigators Principal Investigator Dr IS (Iain ) Donnison , IBERS, Aberystwyth University (99.995%)
  Other Investigator Dr L (Lin ) Huang , IBERS, Aberystwyth University (0.001%)
Dr M (Marie ) Neal , IBERS, Aberystwyth University (0.001%)
Prof R (Roger ) Boyle , Computing, University of Leeds (0.001%)
Dr N (Nigel ) Hardy , Computer Science, Aberystwyth University (0.001%)
Dr A (Amanda ) Clare , Computer Science, Aberystwyth University (0.001%)
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Objectives Objectives not supplied
Abstract Technological and analytical advances in plant science are increasingly data intensive. While this offers new opportunities for understanding plant biology and for precision plant breeding, it also brings challenges for data management and staff training. We propose to build a common platform for data analysis which will function across the Energy Grasses & Biorefining and Crop Genetics, Genomics & Germplasm ISPGs. The aim is to develop storage and archiving capacity and relational integration between datasets. Databases will be built to manage genomic and phenotypic data. These databases will complement the breeding database and visualisation system MSCAN, a MySQL database system with a web-based interface. Software tools will be developed to allow cross database queries to retrieve data for analysis and visualisation. The aim is to promote synergistic activities within and across the ISPGs, with the wider research community and to enable the application of computational, mathematical and statistical tools to better understand the relationship of genotype, phenotype and the environment. Integrated datasets will be systematically analysed using bioinformatics, statistics and data mining methodologies to facilitate mass genotyping, and the identification of SNPs and other polymorphisms. We will use the informatics platform to identify ideotypes which combine optimum combinations of traits for different environments and end use. The crop models will allow analyses to predict the sensitivity of target traits under current and future climates. These outputs provide inputs for LCA and economic analyses, which will be linked right through to genotypes.
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Final Report (none)
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